Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Collaboration With KP2!

Still collaborating across borders! This time around I linked up with my fam, KP2, all the way from Amsterdam. 

For the recs, KP2 is a musical duo made up of Tha Kardinal (originally from Suriname) and Neto Palop a.k.a Papadog (Angola), and they're managed by TRX Productions.

We recorded a beautiful track called 'No Matter Where', which will be included on their forthcoming 'Just Push' EP, dropping on the 3rd of November, 2012.

The project also features a guest appearance from one of Africa's finest acts, Cabo Snoop.

Meanwhile, KP2's got a new video out for one of the hit singles on the album. Check out bellow.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

"What's Rap Without Logic?" - Callertune Now Available!!

Caller tune for my latest single 'Raplogic BANS remix' feat. Terry tha Rapman and Pherowshuz is now available.

AIRTEL - text BUY 0127424 to 791 
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Kindly subscribe and please spread the word!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"We Chose The Wrongest Times To Be Patriotic" - Terry Tha Rapman

A while back Rick Ross was in Lagos for a concert. And he used the opportunity to shoot a video in the slums of the City of Hustlers. A lot of Nigerians weren't happy with the outcome, perhaps because they were of the opinion that it wasn't right for a foreigner to remind us about history and the poverty that's eaten deep into this country.

Oh well, I had a convo with my big bro, Terry tha Rapman, we talked extensively and touched on the topic. I decided to share it with our fans cos I believe we addressed some very important issues. Read on below.

Fecko: You've seen Rozay's 'hold me back-nigeria' video?

Tha Rapman: Saw it

Fecko: Stirring up controversies. In my opinion, I think it's reality. Maybe a little bit over exaggerated

Tha Rapman: I know, but its not like they added anything to the video na. That's how messed up our slums can be. The other was grimy so he was looking for that here too, no be where the nigeria guyz carry am him shoot? Who's to blame? Do you know how many people Rick Ross don inspire by shootin in their hood?

Fecko: Word. The only thing that was added were those guys that played 'niger delta militant/pirates'. And that was actually a regalia scene from a wedding ceremony.

Tha Rapman: Ok that's true sha, I feel it was the doing of those people who brought him. They musta wanted to show Ricky dat we sef sabi gangsta too

Fecko: Yeah, na true!

Tha Rapman: Oh well like I said hiphop has a way of exposing truths that society is scared of seeing. You no dey see some jamo videos wen dem show police with AKs and real live prostitutes?

Fecko: I dey see am oh. The truth is most Nigerians are scared of cluing in to the fact that the truth isn't meant to be sweet. Breeze don blow now...

Tha Rapman: But we like lies of chillin in luxurious clubs poppin champagne when most of us aint really ballin like that

Fecko: Yeah, that's why most of us aren't totally happy with rozay's approach to that vid

Tha Rapman: Yep

Fecko: Not me tho...I'm cool with it...I support the truth anyday, any time.

Tha Rapman: Talib Kweli no show guyz dey kpoli for shrine? Cele people dey pray for beach like some fetish religous shit? But this is our reality like it or not. When these people come here they're not looking for skyscrapers or posh buildings na. Is nigeria not really messed up? Aren't there more poor people than the rich?

Fecko: Hmm. When they come here, they're in search of the truth. The Rich folks are minority. From the int'l airport down to the island...reality slaps them in the face as they look out through their car window while cruising the streets of the Lagos.
The way I see it, more of these guys will or might follow Rozay's footsteps when they visit. Aint nothing new under the sun.

Tha Rapman: Hmm it's up to us to not give permission again na

Fecko: Right? The int'l community is watching. But when money is involved, permission isn't really that necessary.

Tha Rapman: But BBC have been showing stuff like that since

Fecko: Yes o. No be today BBC don dey cast Africa

Tha Rapman: Oh well

Fecko: Most Nigerians in diaspora seem to be the ones fighting the battle of re-branding the motherland by narating our history via films and literature. They're the ones that suffer the stigma more.

Tha Rapman: Rick showed just another side of Nigeria for Godsakes, the slums! Cuz he did same with the foreign one. Fecko I don tire talk about this sef, e no even mk sense. We chose the wrongest times to be patriotic jor

Fecko: Na so!

Tha Rapman: Yeah

Mixed Bag Mondays!!

Got featured on MIXED BAG MONDAYS alongside veteran S.A rapper, Zubz, and a host of other promising African artistes. It's the second time am poppin' up on 25toLyf's MBM, and that's a good look if you ask me! Check it out HERE.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Concert Radio Interview

Concert Radio OAP, Whyte Boi and Fecko
October 1st, 2012 marked Nigeria's independence day. While some were thankful for the fact that the green and white nation have come a long way despite the numerous challenges Nigerians are being faced with on a daily basis and some were of the opinion that there was nothing worth celebrating - Oh well, on that day, I was a guest at the launch of a brand new internet radio station in Lagos. 

Concert Radio stamped its presence in the world of internet radio broadcasting that same day, and I'm honored I was part of their grand opening. It was nice granting an interview to Concert Radio OAPs; Whyte Boi and a couple of other young radio presenters. Shout out to everyone that tuned in and called from various part of the globe. The movement is still moving!