Tuesday, 22 April 2014

LYRICS | Fecko - Real Talk [Produced by Teck-Zilla]

Real Talk is a song I released a while back, which was produced by Teck-Zilla. Well, I just thought I'd share the lyrics to the song with my real audience. Check 'em out below!

Intro: Let's get 'em!

Verse One
Turn on the mic like Jordan at a strip club/This' not a rap song y'all, man am smashing walls, listen up this is REAL TALK/Been around for 8 years, paid my dues, sometimes I wanna ask for a refund/Since this rap shit ain't paying guy I might just do pop/what's good pop?/Sorry I never did gospel tracks, gats to chop/Going secular doesn't mean God ain't with me I won't flop/Modenine plans going commercial/Am still here repping the art? no martial/"Feck let it go!" Hell no! Look I'ma go with the flow, I shall.../Find a way to strike a balance/Feels good to do me while I still please my audience/Money, is what I need to push my shit around the world/Getting lil love in Naija, overseas am getting more/Can't I do what is right in a wrong industry?/By now shouldn't one of these big brands have endorsed me?/Oh well, friends won't support you until strangers celebrate you/Notwithstanding mo le nu bi kettle from lere to ketu/Shout out to my believers in Lusaka and Nairobi/Am not on Channel O yet but Africa knows me/Back in the days making music was a hobby/Now it's business if the money ain't complete please don't call me.

Sampled chorus.

Verse two.
You're feeling me, ain't you?/"Feck you're the truth" Thank you!/Am in my own lane unlike these band wagon kats, hey queue/Form a line, y'all can't rap to save your lives/Confused admirers one advice in three words, Get A Life!/Due to school it seems I've been slowing down on the music/Placing my priorities right, in the long run you'll see/That there's no rush to greatness, no time for bullshit/Ain't no animal husbandry in this game, you dig stupid?/Huh! Back in the days making music was a hobby/Now it's business if the money ain't complete please don't call me/I say, before before making music was a hobby/Now it's business if the money no complete biko don't call me.

Repeat sampled chorus.

It's your boy...
Fuck it, it's your man Fecko the emcee/Africa wuddup?/Shout out to all my fans man/The movement is still moving!

UNCENSORED CHITCHAT | 'Cater to the New Collection of Listeners or Die Broke' - Cyrus Tha Virus

Some time in February I had a convo with controversial Nigerian rapper, Cyrus tha Virus, and in the course of our conversation the King of the South gave me props and also shared his opinion as touching the current state of Global Hiphop and why he frowns at the school of thought in which most 'Black Hiphop Heads' belong to. I only share what's real, and I believe this is. Mind you, it's not an interview. Just an uncensored chitchat. Read on below.

Fecko, you're tooooooo intelligent for ordinary spit-fire bars. You're a conscious MC and a fantastic one. This year, I intend to make a change with my music. Topics that touch lives and all. This is the reason why Macklemore won the grammies over Kendrick Lamar. People say its cuz he's white. I disagree. For an ALBUM, The Heist was a way better ensemble than Good kid Maad City. K-dot is a spit fire MC. But Mackle talked about deep issues. Mackle played to the crowd. Homosexuality and all. His 1st single "pop some tags" (or sumtin like dat) can best half of K.dots album. Mackle taught the world to be proud of looking fly in 7 dollar FAKE mink coats. And we all know 2/3 of the world is poor. Mackle is a movement. And he's an INDEPENDENT artiste, not signed to no one. That means his hustle was 10times harder than K.dot. K.dot had Dr. Dre and all. Mackle had mackle and his fat overweight singing friend. That's the GRIND!

And he also had the 'White community.'

Yup...K.dot had the white community too oh. You forgot Imagine Dragons featured him? MGk did. Robin Thicke did. Most white people featured K.dot. Mackle didn't have ONE feature last year.

Most black hip hop heads didn't really dig Mackle I guess. 'Can't Hold Us' is a jam though. Couldn't help but do my own cover of the song.

Black hiphop heads are sadists. They should go and boil ten drums of oil beans. Rap has changed, abeg. We allowed white A&R's dictate the shape of Rap. 2chainz and co are given fat checks to propagate redundant music. Now we wanna complain? Lemme tell you something; the blacks have our own Macklemore. We don't celebrate him. He's been indie for over 15 years. His name is Tech9ne. Tech9ne made 7.5million dollars last year. He has dropped his 13th album. Owns the Label "strange Music" that K.dot was on before they let him join Dre. Your biggest black MCs don't wanna feature Tech9ne because Tech9ne go expose them. Tech9ne/strange music has the best Recording studio fully digital in the whole of U.S.A. He goes on idie tours and all. Racked in 7.5million dollars. Do you see any black talking about him? They Jumped to Eminem's cock. And Eminem put out a sub-par album. Fuck the black hiphop heads. They should die begging for food stamps! I wanna make universal Rap. Rap that deals with real life issues. But doesn't have to be boring to appease the broke ass hiphop "gods". Imma bring Drake hooks on conscious shiiit. That's the way forward.

Diary of a College Kid: Anticipating Resumption

The last time I wrote something related to this topic was during my Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme. Finished the program last month and ever since then I have been looking forward to resume the new academic session. The anticipation would have been over assuming the ongoing strike by ASUP was called off or atleast suspended. Although news filtering in gives me a glimmer of hope that I will be back in school soon and would probably commence receiving lectures latest by May. I just pray ASUP and the Federal Government ressolve their differences before the month ends. They say when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. Abi no be so? By the way, as the current acting President of the Association of Agricultural Technology Students, Yabatech, I am also bracing myself for the tasks ahead. God is my strength.

Meanwhile, I have had other official reasons to visit my school recently, despite the ongoing strike. It has to do with submitting a couple of documents and stuff like that. These appointments seem to have caused I and most of my course mates that I haven't seen in a while to link up. So it's always like a family reunion whenever we converge inside the school premises. Handshakes and hugs; 'Oh My God' and 'Missed You' - these gestures and phrases are inevitably expressed by my colleagues during the 'reunion'. Well, I only do gestures. The phrases are feminine in a way. Uncool for guys!
Something dawned on me the previous time I was in school. I noticed the premises of Yaba College of Technology is filled with all kinds of statue. Art in its physical form. It shows how really creative my fellow students are. Belonging to the Faculty of Technology doesn't deprive me the privilege of being an art enthusiast. I love paintings and sculpture. In fact, my ex is a Fine Artist. Literally! She pays attention to details. I guess it's an artistic attribute, if you know what I mean. End of story.

I took some snapshots while standing in front of a statue that reminds me of Greek's Korous/Apollo. I'd say a timid version of that though. Check out pics below.

OPINION | Insecurity and Political Trypanosomiasis Now Thrive in Nigeria.

It's way past midnight, and I just woke up to gunshots. Sporadic shooting in my neighborhood has suddenly become a frequent phenomenon. Mushin is where I reside and is well known as one of the most notorious places in Lagos. Well, truth is, sometimes it's filled with noise and chaos. However, looking at the big picture; no where is 50% safe in my country anymore. Insurgency seems to be on the rise in Nigeria. Tired of been greeted with news headlines that read 'Bomb blast in Abuja, 72 people feared dead' or 'Fulani herdsmen clash with farmers' and so on.

Security is paramount in any country that attract foreign investors regularly. The country's economy suffers where this is lacking. Imagine, close to 200 young female students were abducted by gun men in the Northern part of Nigeria last week. Frankly speaking, any of these girls could have been our sisters or even daughters. According to news bulletins flying around, it was recently reported that 14 more girls have escaped from the Boko Haram abductors. I wonder how true that update is. Is the media even reliable these days? Oh well, crazy times! Indeed there is an ongoing war in Northern Nigeria. And if the federal government doesn't declare a war on terrorism as soon as possible, this conflict may spread to other parts of the country, especially here in the South.

Most people in the South West still joke about terrorism, perhaps, because we haven't seen a BRT bus boarded by school children and civil servants explode in broad day light. I pray that doesn't happen. Terrorism is not amusing in any way. I get vexed when I see some abnormal people making a joke out of the whole situation on social media platforms. That's absolutely wrong. Any one involved in such absurd manner of behavior is as unserious as sleeping delegates at the national conference where serious issues are meant to be discussed.
Forget the outbreak of Ebola virus; one deadly disease eating deep into the fabrics of our government is Political Trypanosomiasis. This is a phrase I coined in the process of writing a new song where I addressed several issues affecting my dear country. Why would our leaders be sleeping when there is fire on the mountain? It's really illogical. I can't phantom it. He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk. We the citizens of Nigeria won't cease to be vocal. Enough is enough!

A while back, Boko Haram leader, Shekau, dared security agencies and claimed responsibility for Abuja Nyanya park bombing. This man boldly told the Nigerian public about his whereabout by releasing a video online. By the way, this method of making a statement adopted by terrorists worldwide is rather cliché and irrelevant. Anyway, if he is actually in Abuja, then flushing him out with his squad of brainwashed rebels shouldn't be rocket science. The Federal Capital Territory is a concrete jungle and not like the Amazon forest. Who am I to tell the Nigerian Army how to do their job? Only Nigeria can save Nigeria. There was a country, but I don't wish for another civil war before we find peace. May God help us!

Monday, 21 April 2014

OPINION | Chiwetel Ejiofor proposes 'Internationalizing Nollywood'.

Living in Bondage, Festival of Fire, State of Emergency, Glamour Girls - these aren't just mere phrases. They are titles of some Nigerian movies that made waves on the Big Screen back in the 90s. At the time, one electronic device in my house named 'SONY Videocassette Player' always kept me company and entertained. That explains how I got to know all the aforementioned movie titles. By the way, Igodo is one of my favourite epic Nigerian movies of all time. It has an interesting story line that I find somewhat original. Although the movie's adventurous theme can be likened to an African version of Hobbit or Lord of The Rings.

Some of you reading this piece may recall that I released a song in 2008 titled 'Nollywood' which featured Terry Tha Rapman, whom is also an actor and has starred in a movie directed by Charles Novia. And guess what? I am presently honing my acting skills because I will be starring in a TV series later this year if things go accordingly to plan. Apart from music, I am also passionate about movies and film making.

Digressing a bit, well I'd say Pete Edochie was Nigeria's Morgan Freeman at the time. The veteran actor is well known for his numerous thought-provoking proverbs such as 'a chicken that is in a haste to go America will return as corn beef,' just joking. He only sneaks in a smile after accomplishing an evil deed whenever he is playing out his stereotypical 'I-am-a-chief-who-doesn't-give-a-damn' villian role. The Things Fall Apart legend enjoys wearing a stern look on his face every time he is on set. Same can be said of his colleagues Olu Jacobs and Alex Osifo, fondly known as Chief Odiete. You'll catch my drift if you followed one of the popular TV series he starred in back in the day. Also, at some point, I believe Liz Benson and Regina Askia would have made your top 5 list of most gifted Nollywood actresses during that golden era.

Fast forward to 2014 - Nollywood has come a long way. The movie industry in Nigeria has really evolved. A bountiful and talented crop of actors have been harvested over the years. Producers, script writers, and directors are now bringing their A game. No one wants to lag behind. Although, the industry's distribution framework can be better. Plus there are a lot of stories that are yet to be told.

However, I must give kudos to some Nigerian film directors raising the bar. Kunle Afolayan is a notable mention in that regard. I have met him a couple of times before, and he strikes me as a workaholic and goal getter. The Figurine and Phone Swap are some of his famous works. Another promising new age director doing something unorthodox and unique in the film-making business is Biyi Bandele. I reckon that his adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie's novel Half of a Yellow Sun is a breathe of fresh air. An important part of Nigeria's history was highlighted in that movie - the Civil War, that is. I hope to see more quality movies with a similar direction being produced from time to time.

I mean, won't it be awesome to see a movie based on true life stories of various national characters such as Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, M.K.O Abiola, Muritala Mohammed, Odumegbu Ojukwu, Sanni Abacha, and even African musical legend and activist, Fela Kuti? After all, we have the Last King of Scotlands, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedoms et al. Compelling stories interpreted via movies that reflect the Nigerian culture can be exoterical and be made more popular abroad if properly internationalize, thereby assuring Nollywood's leading spot on the global scene as Africa's biggest showbiz industry.
British born actor, Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner, Chiwetel Ejiofor, who hails from Enugu, was in Nigeria some days ago. I listened to a radio interview he granted on The Beat 99.9fm, Lagos. He discussed extensively with the OAPs as touching the production phase for Half of a Yellow Sun. He mentioned the cast suffered from Malaria and Typhoid during their stay in Calabar. I guess the foreign crew might have experienced acclimatization when they came into town. I never knew the movie was shot in TINAPA. Cross Rivers state has always been a director's favourite as regards choice of location for shooting movies characterized by African stories rooted in the colonial era.
The 12 Years a Slave lead actor made an important point during his interview which I found reasonable and absolutely insightful. Chiwetel proposed that it's about time the Nigerian movie industry becomes internationalized. Well, I couldn't agree more. This can be achieved by having an international cast interpreting an indigenous story or script. And Half of a Yellow Sun, not only did justice to that but also managed in blazing a trail.
Apparently, the likes of Zack Orji, O.C Ukeje, Genevieve Nnaji, Onyeka Onwenu and other homegrown actors that co-starred with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Thandie Newton in the movie now have the chance of taking their careers to the next level. To further illustrate my stance on this topic, Lupita Nyong'O is someone that perfectly describes where I am driving at. The talented Kenyan actress recently won an Oscar after costarring alongside Chiwetel and Brad Pit in 12 Years a Slave. She don port from Shuga to Hollywood! Indeed, no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid. Genevieve Nnaji may also attain that level of success some day. It is possible so long as there is an international platform geared towards showcasing talents from Africa to the entire world.
Chiwetel Ejiofor shouldn't be the only international Nigerian actor saddled with this responsibility. What about Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje? In case his name doesn't ring a bell to you, he is well known for his roles in movies such as G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Mummy Returns and Congo. I believe he is another A-list Nigerian Hollywood actor that is capable of impacting the movie industry back here in the motherland positively.

Imagine seeing a movie trailer starring Denzel Washington, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Omotola Jalade, Lupita Nyong'O, Idris Elba, Jackie Appiah, Genevieve Nnaji and Johny Depp. Star-studded, right? That's the future of the African movie industry I envision. We can make it happen, but first the gap between Nollywood and Hollywood must be bridged through the assistance of movers and shakers in Hollywood that are of African descent. They gotta have their home on their back like turtles. Unity is key.

ALBUM | Jesse Jagz - Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company

Jesse Jagz returns with a follow up to the critically acclaimed 2013 released Sophomore album; Jagz Nation Vol.1: Thy Nation Come. The compilation consists of 11 tracks, with samples ranging from the 1983 hit song “Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Khan” to movie clips (Scarface, Johnny Mad Dog) etc and is available for free download.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Afrobeat-themed EP in the Works!

Fela is one of the conscious artistes that influenced my musical direction. Apparently the King of Afrobeat is also inspiring my new project with Canadian based Nigerian producer, Teck-Zilla.

Working on a new EP which is yet to be titled, and it will include 6 great songs plus an instrumental track featuring a saxophonist. Apart from the likes of Khaligraph (Kenya), Dominant-1 (Malawi), The Holstar (Zambia) and Raiza Biza (Rwanda), whom all featured on Raw African Poetry 2.0 (a bonus track on the album), I have also collaborated with Tupengo on a song which will be featured on the project. Also expect vocals from soul/r n b artist, Itunu Pepper. Yeah, I also intend doing a song for the ladies. *winks*

This Afrobeat themed EP is going to be a reflection of my culture and my society at large. The topics are thought provoking - no joking! Teck-Zilla's hard-hitting Afrocentric beats is going to be a breathe of fresh air, production-wise. Experimenting with indigenous sounds this time around, and we will be showcasing skill and versatility.

There is no need to talk too much, in due time, people will figure it out. The music will speak for itself. Anticipate!


T-south promotions presents project bring back hiphop, a promotional project aimed at promoting African rap music and African rappers. In the process of executing this project, they premiered a compilation of African rap music to the public to increase the patronage of hiphop. The project feature the likes of Fecko, Olamide, Phyno, MI, Ill Bliss et.c Download revolution of rapfare below and share your comments.

Do AGRIC! AgroPreneurship Is The Future.

According to the history books, Agriculture was the first occupation on earth. If you read the Bible regularly, I am sure you must have stumbled upon several verses that made reference to farming and animal rearing. Well, if you haven't - then cultivate the habbit of studying the Bible more often. I am beginning to strike you as a pastor, right? Never planned that the first paragraph of this article would have a religious theme or divine direction. Perhaps, it's the Lord's doing. Going with the flow.

What if Agriculture is the Alpha and Omega of our economy? It has been prominent since the beginning of time, and will probably be so until the end of time. Some day in Nigeria, there will be a paradigm shift from oil and gas to the Agricultural sector. My dear country should brace herself, because crude oil will most likely get exhausted in the nearest future.

Robots need electricity to charge the batteries that make them function. Ask Robocop! So also do humans need Agriculture in order to provide food for mankind. If you stop eating, you'll definitely stop existing. And I am not talking about fasting. I mean the aftermath effect of starvation. I believe it's now clear and evident that the importance of Agriculture cannot be overemphasized. If I start listing and explaining each and every merit of Agric, I would end up penning down so many words enough to publish an encyclopedia.

Therefore, when I say AgroPreneurship is the future, it's not a bluff. It's real talk! Some of you might be wondering what the heck is AgroPreneurship? This term refers to the ability of applying one's entrepreneurial skill into the field of Agriculture with the aim of making profit.

International Nigerian entertainer, D'Banj, is a worthy mention in the aspect of those taking the lead in AgroPreneurship. A while back the Kokomaster introduced his Koko Garri to the commercial world. As a young person juggling music with school presently, I found this move by D'Banj quite inspiring, perhaps because I am studying Agricultural Technology. I discovered that I can actually marry showbiz and agriculture together. First and foremost, I have to graduate from the University and then concentrate on building a big brand as an artiste or public figure and later invest in Agriculture. Well, that is just my own opinion. My fellow course mates also expressed their own reactions towards D'Banj and his Do AGRIC movement.

"I concur, Agric definitely pays, but what about the capital? Most farms are closed because the farmer has no other source of living. I am talking from experience, believe me." - Isheyemi Funmi

"Everything is not about capital, what you need is the idea first. There after, the original you inside you will channel your mind to how you can get capital. All these great and successful entrrpreneurs in Nigeria today didn't put capital first. My point is that the idea should come first" - Aboluwade James

"There is a saying that when rich people are talking of money, a poor man is saying he has an idea. Or don't you know before D'Banj could invent this, many have gotten the idea but there is no money. I rest my case." - Omotayo Tumise

"Dbanj should concentrate on singing, because all I know is that koko garri aint gonna be cheap, and let's put packaging aside, garri is garri. Money will always be the key word here, if not I would have started a small broiler flock this whole time I have been home doing nothing due to the strike. Ideas are many, capital is scarce. If D'banj wanted my recognition, instead of doing all these, he should have paid into an agric student's dream, I think koko eggs would make an ideal statement." - Chima Nkiru

"For me I only see effectiveness in everything D'banj had done, is doing and will still be doing. Probably as regards the 'Koko Garri' only GOD knows what the future holds, it is backed up with 'capital' so no matter what you want to do as an entrepreneur capital must set in either on a large scale or small scale. Though the idea is also needed but it must be backed up with capital. I won't be surprised when i get to see 'Fecko's Rice' in a 25 litre keg. LOL" - Smith Ademola

Well, from the above correspondence you will notice that the key word is 'Capital'. Yes, capital is very important when starting an enterprise. However, borrowing the words of Zig Zigglar, we must learn to 'think big, start small and start now.' May I also add that packaging is what would attract more customers to your product. It's what will make a tush kid in Shoprite say "Mummy please add Koko Garri to our cart". Packaging is what makes your product standout, it also adds more value to it, hence more profit.

The Lagos State Government has spent N1billion to support some 400 graduate farmers trained under the state’s Agricultural Youths Empowerment Scheme (AGRIC-YES). These lucky ones now have a headstart in the agric business. What about millions of other Agric graduates out there in search of capital? Truth of the matter is, we need more hands on deck and more investors in the agric sector. Notwithstanding, we have to still acknowledge those taking the lead.
On a final note, every agric student, farmer and stakeholder in this noble profession should endeavor to awaken people's consciousness about the benefits of Agriculture. African musicians such as Diamond, Omawumi, Victoria Kimani, D'Banj and co recently teamed up to record and release a song called 'Cocoa Na Chocolate'. Rachid Taha's Arabic verse on that track seemed quite funny to me. Wish I understood what he was saying. All the same, music is universal. There are no barriers. Well, just like these artists I am also trying to create an awareness about Agriculture in my own little way. Hence, this article.

Do AGRIC! It pays!

Zara Gretti - Colours of my Heart EP

The long awaited debut project from the late Zara Gretti has finally been released. Titled ‘Colors of my Heart‘, the 10-track EP was executive produced by Zara for her ILVIDONLA Records company with technical support from Maria Bentley. The EP starts with an unedited candid conversation between Zara and her mother - it ends up with mother and daughter laughing when the former finds out their convo was being recorded. Producers featured on the posthumous project include Don Jazzy, Dr Frabz, Micworx, DJ Klem and the late H-Code. Wizkid and Nosa are the notable acts on the EP....

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MUSIC | Boogey – Salute Me ft. Aduke, Sabre & Lord V

The AbOriginal MC releases the first single from his forthcoming project, Salute Me. Over a pounding, insistent beat cooked up by Charlie X, Boogey and his guest MCs, Sabre & Lord V, deliver aggressive bars demanding respect for their skills. Aduke did justice to the hook, and I can't help but notice that she sounds like Asa. Great effort though.

MUSIC | Cyrus Tha Virus – M.M.B.M.T.Y ft. Cha Cha

M.M.B.M.T.Y is an acronym for Money Must Be Made This Year. After dropping The Infiltration Mixtape to critical acclaim, South South Firebrand kicks off the new year with this totally stupefying street grind anthem. EGBE! is a benin city street verb/lingo for Problem.

For the 1st time in his career, The avowed south south Field Marshal, Cyrus is seen here spitting pure fire flame on this haunting trap beat by American Producer Dj Fatality. Also invited to the murk-fest is New Arrow Gang Member Cha Cha, a songstress that is sure to hold her own anytime soon. M.M.B.M.T.Y is the 1st single off Cyrus’ next EP, “VIROLOGY”, which I will be making a guest appearance on.

VIDEO | Blitz the Ambassador – Make You No Forget ft. Seun Kuti

Blitz the Ambassador is back with a video to his ode to Afrobeat featuring Seun Kuti. On the video for Make You No Forget Where You From , Blitz shows us a different side to his hometown Accra as he rolls around the busy city streets flanked by crew of BMX stunt riders with cutaway scenes of Ghana’s young boxers & training gymnasiums. It is clear Blitz remember clearly where he is from.

Experience at Tha Zone

It is inspiring when I see someone putting his money where his mouth is. Especially when it involves something you are very passionate about. D'Ark and G-Flavour remind me of South Africa's Kriya and Zola - hosts of Hiphop TV Show SHIZ NIZ! This duo are game changers in the making. Tha Zone is a show/event they organized to awaken people's consciousness about the Hip Hop culture in Nigeria. I thought I was on the set of Shiz Niz during my performance. 

On March 29th, 2014, I thrilled the audience at Tha Zone, and I must say that it's one of the most organized events I have attended this year. Such an uber-energetic crowd, and my homie Teck-Zilla was on the wheels of steel. I performed a medley of three songs, of which two of them were produced by the in-house DJ at the event. Wish I saw more honeys amongst the audience. The Zone can only grow bigger. The likes of Maximum of 4th Replubic, Luni and other upcoming rappers did their thing too. The Apollo Hotel in Lagos really witnessed hiphop that night. The highlight for me that day would be when a fam gave me a custom-made Tee shortly after I left the venue of the event. I appreciate those who appreciate me. Shout out to Lloyd Viva Eta for the souvenir.

Check out some of the pics below taken at the event. Also keep a look out for the video of my performance here much later, which was shot by JSP of MVM(Music, Videos and More). Salute!

Arinze - In Transition EP

For some reason, I almost missed this. My Nigerian brother based in the US, Arinze aka TALoNTED, whom I once collaborated with on a Teckzilla-produced song, dropped this EP  a while back, and it's definitely a must-listen. Got word he's teaming up with Black Thoughts of The Roots on a new single.