Thursday, 23 February 2012

Catch Me Live On RayPower 100.5FM This Friday (24-02-12)

Greetings fam! I'm going to be live on Ray Power 100.5fm with my home girl Titi Mogaji this Friday 24, 2012. Please feel free to tune in from 7PM (Nigerian time). Actually, it's been a while since I spoke into a radio mic, but it's gonna be me! You can also listen online via the RayPower Network website

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The3Axes Reviews 'Kosoun Tuntun'

New entertainment site The3Axes recently reviewed my song 'Kosoun Tun tun'. It's an interesting one I must say. Please check it out HERE!

Monday, 20 February 2012

MultiKraft Media Blog/E-Magazine Returns!

The official blog for Multikraft Media experienced some minor technical glitches last year, but it's been fixed and we're back online. As we pick up from where we left off, expect nothing but exclusive African hip hop updates, good music, interesting interviews and more from the brand that promises to expand the frontiers of African showbiz online.

Also keep a look out for the second instalment of Multikraft E-Magazine and 'Diamond In The Rough' compilation mixtape. For further enquiries please send an e-mail to

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Entrepreneur Workshop…

Hi guys, I attended an Entrepreneur Workshop on Friday which was organized by Selah Abrams (CEO of Future Moguls and Senior Brand Consultant, CNN). Honestly, I learned a lot of stuff about personal branding and entrepreneurship. Without ideas and research indeed business developments can’t move. Meanwhile, I bumped into my homie, Kraftmatiks (Modenine’s producer) who was also present at the venue and I tried to network with other aspiring young entrepreneurs who attended the event. I also made my own little contribution during the seminar which I believe was quite interactive.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

LYRICS: 'Kosoun Tun tun'

Check out the lyrics to 'Kosoun Tuntun' featuring Tupengo.


Ise ti yato
It's your boy Fecko the Emcee
And I got Tupengo in the building
The movement is still moving
Yo, E-twinz wuddup?
Let's Go...Oshee!


Ko soun tuntun la be orun mo
E ma fi dudu pe funfun fun wa mo
Ko soun tuntun x3
Ko si oo


I salute ya, mo kinyi o
Got da green (dagrin) on my mind, I'ma C.E.O
I can't be messed with as you see me so
I mean as you see me so
Need a life jacket, heading for the mainstream
I flow like (the sea) DC no Washington
And I think global - destined to make it
No phones I can hear the world calling me
Lagos-bread lomo ole kpe mi agege
I rep Mushin the way Showkey rep A.J
Still Dat Ibo boy, nwanne ke ije
And I love ballin'...Jay Jay


Dragons get scared when I spit fire
Forget greetings watch the boy go hi ya (higher)!
You can ask Tha Rapman, I've been there before
Dropped free-tapes, paid to perform and all
Now am set to roc nations...I'm on to the next one
Boyz are not smiling, me I don dey vex son
I gat game, I aint talking Nintendo
Who's rockin' your street? Fecko and Tupengo
Ask Isaac Newton, no be by force
To drop nkan. meji or meta force (metaphors)
But ofcourse, you know we're blessed with this
So I gotta get buzz like a swarm of bees



E si lawo, owo a lawo
Everybody wanna be part of it
The streets dictate what it is they' gonna play
Won ni Fecko o da, won ni ko ma gba
Ke gbe nu je 
Tupengo upon this, you better mind your biz
When the street calls they come us
Won je fun arawon cos they know we hot
Boys are not smiling (2x)


I gotta make hits before I make it?
Still keeping it real, man it's hard to fake it
Taking my skill to its maximum potential
Qualified artist! forget credentials
Who said emcees can't make good music?
Good emcees can make good music
Ask the cashier, I've paid my dues
So no use me play like soccer shoes



Multikraft yo, Fecko the Emcee
Tupengo, yee ehh
Tupengo nwanne you know we just killed it man
E-twinz....On the beat...yee eeh
Crystal sounds you get mouth wetin be this? abeg o.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Thoughts: 'Is Love Really In The Air?'

So the valentine season is here again. Today, on my way out, I tried for the sake of curiosity to see how many people would wear the traditional all-red attire or anything with a touch of red. And I did see a couple on the streets of Lagos: mostly the female folks (Nigerian girls no dey carry last). A friend of mine asked me if I’ll join the band wagon, and my answer was “No! Sue me!” *lol* For me, St. Valentine’s Day is just like any other day. I mean, must I wait until it’s February 14th before I show love? Well personally I find it hard to adopt that stance where people tend to be affectionate only on a certain day. I try as much as possible to show love all the time, when I can.

And I find it somewhat awkward when some people say: “Love is in the air” without knowing what it really means. Some just use the quote because they want to tweet or update their Facebook status on Valentine’s Day. I have no problem with that, but I think it’s becoming played-out. However, imagine telling a poor woman who’s living in a war stricken country with her starving child that ‘love is in the air’. Don’t you think she’ll get offended? For her and other people in her shoes, the only thing in the air besides nitrogen and oxygen might be tear gas. In that situation, you can’t help but ask yourself: “Is LOVE really in the air?”

LOVE is the key word here and I feel a lot people are yet to have a grasp of what it really means. Love shouldn’t be an obligation or a task; love should be a way of life. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone needs to be loved. If you’re reading this now, I’m quite sure you’re used to this other quote: “There’s love in sharing” or you must have heard it from one or two people’s lips in recent times. But how many of us actually practice what we preach?

Without further ado, I’ll like to end this article with two words…SHOW LOVE! J

Monday, 13 February 2012

Brotha Onaci presents Radiant Souls mixtape volume 2

All the way from Philadelphia, USA is Brotha Onaci who manages to bridge between the Motherland and Diaspora on the Radiant Souls Mixtape volume 2 which is coming out today, you will hear artists from the underground hip hop movements in U.S.A, Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria. Listen below or download from the Soundcloud page. Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol 2 by Brotha Onaci
Featured artists include Abstract Wolff, Add-2, Akua Naru, Amun Mirage, DETROIT PIStoLS (Power Is Surrendering to Love’s Strength), DJ.BasketQASE, Emcee Nemesis, Fecko the Emcee, The Invisible Enigma, Josh, Just Jay, K-Von, K-Nel, KrisDeLaRash, Neak, R.i.C (Rumor in the Chi), Sincerely Yours, Slot-A, Synik and Vallentine & Arazan.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Exclusive Interview With Sarah Ofili

You probably have heard the name Sarah Ofili, and you probably have asked Who is this Sarah Ofili girl? 

I've had the pleasure of meeting Sarah a while back in Lagos, and she's very down-to-earth I must say. Here's a brief interview with her. This is an exclusive for the second edition of my e-zine, but I just thought I'd share it with y'all...

First of all, lets get the basic introduction out of the way, what is your full background and Nationality, what has growing up been like for you and any other thing you don’t mind sharing with us. 
I am Hungarian and Nigerian, 4th child of five, 3rd girl. I grew up in Warri, Delta State. Schooled in Warri, Benue, Jos, France and England. Errr.... nothing much, growing up has been an adventure, a lot of lessons learnt. lol

Describe Sarah Ofili in 3 words
Fun, Compassionate and Very Ambitious. 

Tell us more about the Sarah Katona brand
Katona is my shoe brand, I started in 2008. I took some time out to grow as a designer and as a person, mentally and emotionally. I needed some space to prepare for the challenges ahead and understand the business side of it. Also I went back to school, I took a short course at London Fashion College on Footwear and Accessories Branding. I have come a long way, it's been 3yrs now, and I can say I am in a better place and fully prepared and stable to put in my 100% in it. I am not in a rush at all, they say "anything worth doing is worth doing well"... right? Finally, We looking at 2011 to launch.  

Which other designer brand(s) do you see as competition, and why?
There are a lot of good brands out there, if I start looking at them as competitors then I am always going to see myself competing, comparing and striving with them. I can only do me, I will do my best and express my creativity my way and not what I should do to beat another brand. It's a big world, a big market, there is room for everyone.

Fashion & Style: Do you think that industry is really big in Nigeria and what do you think could be done to expand the frontiers of urban fashion in Africa?
Honestly speaking, I really don't like talking about the Nigerian Fashion Industry because I am not involved in it nor have experienced it. But, from what I can see and hear from fellow designers, stylists, models etc that have gone to Nigeria to join the fast rising fashion community, I think there needs to be a better knowledge of the global fashion industry, knowledge is key! 

Can we say that Sarah Ofili is just a fashionista, or is there more to you that meet the eyes?
I don't even consider myself a "fashionista" but hey if you say so! lol. Of course there is more to me, I am a very smart, creative, ambitious and spiritual young woman... not to blow my own horn *wink lol. People especially guys get surprised when they meet me, because they expect me to be some young dumb blonde, and I am so far from that. I've been told I have an old soul, I guess it all comes from my upbringing and that I am very proud of. 

 Internationally, who are your major influences?
For me it is more about "what" than "who" I get influenced by many things, places, feelings, dreams, different things! 

Which designer(s) would you really love to meet?
Well, there are a lot of designers I would love to meet. Last Christmas I was very fortunate to meet Angelo Galasso and his lovely wife at their flagship store opening at knightsbridge, even though his known for his men's wear designs and James Bond's Sir Roger Moore's favorite designer I was so inspired and motivated by his work. I'll never forget that night, he was so nice and friendly and supportive.

What’s your favorite genre of music locally and internationally? And what’s your take on the Nigerian music industry?
I love music a lot ! I think the only genre I can't listen to is Grunge Rock, just coz I suffer from migraines and that will totally blow my brains out... kidding! I love music generally am not picky. As for my take on Nigerian music, I leave that for my boyfriend as that is his field. 

What’s your favorite hang out spot in the world?
Home ! it is the one place I can let my hair down and be free. All the good foods, drinks and music I can have at home. Even better when I have my family and friends over. 

Any project(s) or documentary in the making?
Oh a lot ! I can't go into all of them right now, but what I will tell you is this, keep your eye out for Sarah Ofili and Katona. 

Any last words to all your fans out there?
keep up with Sarah Ofili on twitter, facebook, and my beauty blog Cheers !

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My Online TV Show...Coming Back This Year!

For those who don't know - I had a show on back in 2008 called 'Deep Set With Fecko'. And Banky W was the first artiste I interviewed.

I also did video-taped interviews with other Nigerian acts such as Overdose, Modenine and Illbliss.

Actually, we had to go on hiatus so we could re-strategize and all. I just got word from my PHA fam in the Netherlands that the site will soon be re-launched later this year, plus my show's gonna be back online. I can't wait y'all! Will keep y'all posted!

The First Impression Mixtape....Now Available On Bandcamp!

The First Impression mixtape which dropped on several quality blogs back in 2009/2010 is now available on Bandcamp. I featured various artistes on the mixtape such as Str8 Buttah, Poetic Seraph, Terry Tha Rapman, OsaGz. Get it here

What's Playin' On My Deck? [Pt. 1]

Here's a list of some dope tunes from other rhyme slayers I've been jiving to lately...

I'm On 2.0 - Trae Tha Truth ft. Big K.R.I.T.,Jadakiss,J.Cole,Kendrick Lamar,BoB,Tyga,Gudda Gudda & Bun B
Boobie Sparks - Big K.R.I.T
No Church In The Wild (Freestyle) - Joe Budden
Nothing To Loose - K'Naan ft. Nas
I Choose To Live - Howza & Soweto Gospel Choir
The Believer - Common ft. John Legend
You and Me and Everyone We Know - Jean Grae
Trial and Error - Naycha ft. BFK
Skills - The Holstar & Teck-Zilla ft. Zubz
Letting Go - Zubz & Tumi
Roll On - Yelawolf ft. Kidrock
Rich Forever - Rick Ross ft. John Legend
Rise and Shine - J.Cole

Monday, 6 February 2012

MUSIC: Jay Rox Feat. Yung Verbal - Boza

Jay Rox has released another single off his yet to be released album. This particular track features fellow Zone Fam member Yung Verbal and is titled “Boza” (Lies), which is self produced. Roxa and Verbal address some of the rumours/lies that have been said about them while poking fun at the same time.

"Speak and Then People Will Listen..."

They say if you make good music, your audience will find you – well that’s true, but it doesn’t mean after recording a song in the studio you should go back home, sit on your couch and wait for that to happen overnight. What if it takes forever before you find that audience that really appreciates your style of music?

Let’s digress a bit. For instance, imagine you’ve been stranded on an island for days and suddenly you sight a ship from a distance. What would you do? Some people will choose to scream their lungs out; some will decide to make a fire by burning down trees and leaves. Bottom line is - in that situation, you just have to draw the attention of the sailor by any means necessary if you don’t want to get stuck on that island for a very long time, if not forever.

Same thing goes for showbiz, music and arts. I can tell you with absolute certainty that nobody gives a damn about how much potential you have until you do the right thing and also draw their attention. By drawing their attention, I mean making people hear you or see what kind of stuff you’re made of as an artist, writer, musician or whatever the case may be.

For musicians who wish to get heard or increase their fan base; you can start locally by sharing your song with the average person on the street (e.g. the barber in your neighborhood), before you even start thinking of giving out physical copies of your CDs to On-Air Personalities, record label owners, radio DJs etc.

Gone are those days when artistes needed the whole paradigm of a record company and PR agents before getting heard. These days the internet and that ‘go-hard’ spirit is enough for an indie artist to be heard all over the world. Let me simply put it this way; ‘speak and then people will listen.’

Finally...A Screen Adaptation For The Biafran War?

Thanks to Chimamanda Adiche's novel "Half of a Yellow Sun"...finally there's going to be a screen adaptation for The Biafran War. Top international actors such as Thandie Newton, Dominic Cooper and Chiwetel Ejiofor are reportedly gearing up to bring the story to life on the big screen. The movie will be shot in Nigeria, and the video shoot is most-likely to kick-off in March 2012.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley!

Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley has always been one of my greatest inspirations when it comes to making motivational music. A special b-day shout out to the legendary Jamaican singer-song writer and musician.

By the way, for those who don't know - I've once grabbed some reggae-inspired production from Str8 Buttah deck-handlerTeck-Zilla for 'Ill Meditation'.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Happy new month guys!

Lately, I've been grindin' like electric blenders. In between working as a Web Manager with Nigerian Entertainment Today, studying for an international exam; I've also been recording. Recently, I recorded a verse for the Diaspora mixtape series and also dropped a couple bars on my collab with Tha Kardinal. I can't wait to hear the final mix-down of these various projects.

Meanwhile, I'm still pushing my single 'Kosoun Tuntun' and also working on getting radio interviews this month. It's crazy being an indie hip hop artist, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

The movement is still moving!

New Artwork Collection

I'm definitely stepping up my graphic design skills. Here are the latest stuff I've designed this year...

Zone Fam Shouts!

It's nice to get a shout out from Zambia's no.1 hip hop group. Big ups to Zone Fam! I also look forward to making a mad tune with 'em this year.