Friday, 27 May 2011

EXCLUSIVE 1 On 1 Interview With FECKO On GhanaTrends

How well do you know Fecko the Emcee? Well Ghanatrends caught up with Fecko the Emcee to find out more about his music and aspirations. Read on to find out more!

I AM AFRICAN Compilation by Afro-mp3 presents the 'I Am African' compilation. The compilation features Fecko, The Holstar, Zubz, K'Naan, Tumi, Modenine, ProVerb, Psalmurai, Blitz, Metaphysics, Rob One, Ain Mosni and more. Get it HERE!

PS: You can now request for "Afro Rhyme Sayer" and "Rap Logic" taken off The RapLogic Ep on radio. BTW both tracks recently got featured on Gidilounge PLUGGED radio show hosted by Nemi. Download podcast HERE.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Fellow viewers, we present to you a track by track analysis of Fecko the Emcee’s RapLogic Ep. Straight from the horse’s mouth - Teck-Zilla that is. Tayo Odutola aka Teck-Zilla produced, mixed and mastered all the tracks on the RapLogic Ep

1 Intro 
Huge props to the legendary lyricist Mode9 for the drop.Nothing complex here,I just layered short snippets of various afrobeat and juju songs. Shoutouts to Dr. Victor Uwaifo and Segun Adewale for the inspiration(feel free to dig for the samples yourself..haha..happy digging)

2 Afro rhyme sayer 
I had this sitting around for a while as I wasn't sure what project I was gonna use it on.Initially just had about 8 bars looped and when Feck told me he required a couple more beats to wrap up the project,I just went back to restructure the entire beat.It was a no brainer as I knew Feck wanted that afrocentric stuff but I hadn't supplied him anything of that nature till now.

3 Raplogic
This is a beat I did from scratch with no samples except the old school drums on the chorus and the rap vocals at the start. Really didn't expect it to be used on the project as it kinda deviates from my normal work but it works or better still Fecko made it work

4 Rebel skit
Feck sent me an accapella he did a while back so I had the liberty of matching it to any thing I wanted to.Really had fun doing this as I played around before settling on this beat. Fecko suggested I use vocal snippets from "Hotel Rwanda" to add that dramatic feeling at the end.....The soldiers are here!!!

5 Raw.African.Poetry feat Synik, The Holstar, Fikrah Teule
One of the early beats I made,around the same time I did "Ill Musketeers".Still on dat soulful tip. This was also a total surprise to me, I really wasn't expecting it to turn into a posse cut.crazy how this worked out, 5 people (including myself) in 5 different countries came together and made something meaningful. Strength in numbers baby...pure strength in numbers!!
Y'all should look out for the AfroBeat remix I did..some crazy ill mad rowdy sturvs!!

6 Flow global feat Talonted 
One of the first set of beats I gave Fecko when he started working on the project. I was on that soulful, hard drums type mode.I had no inkling that he would feature Talonted on it so that was a surprise for me. Fecko surprised me on this one and the crazy thing was it premiered on Kevin-nottigham's blog a few days after I finished mastering it. For those that don't know Kevinnottigham is like one of the biggest U.S hiphop blogs there is!!!*sheds a tear*..*tissue wipes tears away* 

                                                           Black Milk & Teck-Zilla

7 Ill meditation
I wasn't sure Feck would use this as this was kinda like an experimentation (for me dat is).I didn't know what angle dude would approach the beat and its kinda refreshing hearing some reggae stylee type thing on the Ep. Breath of fresh air if I do say so myself. The sample? not telling...take a wild guess!!!
Thanks to Jemi Sitanayah for helping me with the mix.

8 RapLogic (Mario Zone Remix)
To be sincere and candid, this was as a result of joblessness. The beat was made during my short trip to Nigeria last year and initially wanted Str8buttah to do something with it but it was kinda half done so no one really paid it any mind. All I did was just use new drum kits and a deep bass line. Like the title suggests,the sample is from Mario Land(Mario zone stage), hardcore Gameboy fans should remember it!. Fecko suggested I utilize scratches on the hook which worked well to keep that hiphop feel as the beat sounds trippy a bit. For the outro I sampled Peter Clarke's voice..Rraah!!

PS: There is a 2nd remix coming out soon, I guess, I hope..Fecko, ball's(*pause*) in your court!!

9 Outro 
Another accapella Fecko sent. The drum loop is from some afrobeat song.Y'all might recognize it from the Raw African Poetry Afrobeat remix so yeah I said it.

Thanks to every one who supported this project in one way or the other. Do support real hiphop as we strive to give you our heart and soul through the pen and mic. This is not a top ten gimmicky song making project but rather a poetic portrait poignantly painted sonically.

So there you have it, go ahead, download and bask in the everlasting glory!! ok, back to the topic- Thanks and stay sharp!!!

Written by Tayo Odutola (aka Teck-Zilla)


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Also On PlayMode Magazine Issue 3 is....Fecko the Emcee!

Get a copy of Playmode Magazine issue 3 (The May/June edition) and check out Fecko the Emcee's interview/article. Cheers!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fecko the Emcee & Teck-Zilla Presents The RapLogic EP

Download Here

Tha Rapman's Video Shoot

On Saturday, 7th of May my fam Terry tha Rapman shot a music video for one of his singles off the "Boyz Are Not Smiling" album titled Been There Before. And I was at the location of the shoot to support him. The video was directed by Dudu Toonz.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The RapLogic EP: Cover + Track List

1. Intro (Guest appearance by Mode9)
2. Afro-RhymeSayer
3. Rap Logic
4. The Rebel (Skit)
5. Raw African Poetry feat. Synik, The Holstar & Fikrah Teule
6. Flow Global feat. TALoNTED
7. Ill Meditation
8. Rap Logic (Mario-zone Remix)
9. Outro

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Teck-Zilla for Str8Buttah Productions

The RapLogic EP will be made available for free download here on Monday, 9th 2011. Stay tuned!