TRACK TITLE: Afro Rhyme Sayer
PRODUCER: Teck-Zilla

Independent Nigerian...1960
I plan like I'll live till 9060
Yo! living itself is risky
Live for the moment, stay High (Hi) greetings!

I'm so proud to be African
100% black, am no halfrican
Am a freedom writer when I grab this pen
And I write till I break from this mental pen

Kwame Nkrumah...I inspire kings
Not from a gold coast, am a kpako kid
Shout out to black women...female kings!
They understand, everything is everything

Got love for the motherland...son of the soil!
Africa's on my mind everytime I record
Like boomba and benga, I wanna be felt in Kenya
By the young and old...Hiphop ni noma

Yeah, It's the Afro Rhyme Sayer! (3x)
And am proudly African!

Africans stand tall like the pyramids of Giza
Defiant sometimes, am a young Madiba
A legend in the making, I know what I stand for
What I do is deeper than rap y'all

Am giving Afro-beat a modern twist
Like a boxer who just won a fight, pump your fist
In the air...the Alli of rap is here
Greatness can't be put in a box, be scared!

Been expanding the frontiers of African rap
It's no longer news that a lotta Africans rap
We've been reppin' the art since the early 80's
Afro-hiphop has come a long way baby

Poetry is as ancient as the name "Africa"
and still revelant till date
I feel like Chinua Achebe on this track
Art students study this in your literature class

Repeat Chorus

Yo Teck, this' some sick sh*t man!

I rock like the stone ruins of great Zimbabwe
Shout out to my fam diggin' R.A.P in Harare
Still making heads Bob (bop)....Marley
Hiphop is life , Awe

My street tales are beautifully told
Rhyming is in my make-up, poetry is gold
Uh! So words produce wealth
Don't joke with two things, life and good health

Some would rather die in power, than live in subjection
But what's the point when you can't rule a nation
Say no to war and military conflicts
Peace can be reached through understanding

I'd like to think, am a peace ambassador
And imma touch the people, mark my words
Thabo Mbeki led the African renaissance
That's good, but what's better? "African Invassion"

Repeat Chorus

TRACK TITLE: Raw African Poetry
PRODUCER: Teck-Zilla
CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Synik, The Holstar & Fikrah Teule

Yeah…What’s good Africa? It’s your boy Fecko the Emcee
Wuddup Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya
Eyo Teck, wuddup?
Verse 1 – FECKO (Nigeria)
By the dawn of the twentieth century
She broke loose from the shackles of slavery
Then embraced freedom with open arms
Still contradictory like stolen alms
Now she thinks freely and speak her own thoughts
Inspired many poems and spoken words
Musical greats fell in love with her
Such as Fela Kuti and Black (Mamboza)
Danced makossa when she visited Congo
Back in Nigeria Afro-beat drove her loco
However She gets negative press
And cursed on foreign media, whereas she’s blessed
They call her third world while She’s the first
To witness civilization here on earth
Over the years, she’s grown so strong
Viva Africa! May she live long
i guess my destiny has always been inscribed in my heart/so like my continent, i let myself shine
through the dark/sometimes i sit on a park bench, and scribble a parchment/with this God sent gift
i wonder what we’ll accomplish/I came forth when the tradition was passed/Through my people it
lives on, we were conditioned to last/So my poetry’s branches cant be cut/Knows no end like the
design of my granny’s hut/we used to chant praises to clapping and drums and shakers/now we
raps greatest cause we blessed with the African flavour/The oral tradition that reflects the moral
condition/and the dopest renditions that impact with growth when you listen/in keeping up with
the times, i tried to refine it/but when i searched for inspiration it was harder to find it/I watch
these cats strut like they got iron in their scrotum/its a jungle so i gotta be a lion like my totem/
African Poetry Raw a Poet in War/
All Eyes on me like Majority Saw/
Child Soldier – Carry my Gun Known as The Holstar/
Tragically run verbal bullets know that its over/
I’m sober in a drunken mind state,minds great/
Drop bars for skins thats irate, like fins they vibrate/
Shout to my homie Synik from Zimbabwe, Biggin’ Mugabe/
Its the Zambian Sun from the Northside/
Hit em with a left and right till they’re cockeye/
Scorching heat – Burn em till they’re all dry/
Who wanna test this – Nah – they don’t try/
I’m So Fly in the African Sun, So Proud though I’m rapping non African Tongue/
Still an African Son, Bumping African drums, Repping Africa, Wait for the Africans Come…
ni word of mouth skia,
unaweza trace nkiwacha historia/
nevertheless, mengi nachangia,
ka hukujua hii ndo njia/
ni soulfood kwa bro, asionje powder/
ku-trade wisdom across borders
kando ya caravans za carmels,
bidhaa za China ma-enamel
zaidi ya meditation kwa bars,
elavate mindstate zina scars
burning grass tukingoja rainy season/
tidal waves na typhoons nki-turn seas on
bado ni jamii ina-suffer,
lipa bills bila supper/
Na-explore Africa,dark continent mwangaza umefika/
Hope kuwajibika, spread umoja fikra naandika/