Monday, 31 December 2012

New Music: The Future - Fecko ft. Boogey, Peter Clarke & Pryse

Brand new music aptly titled 'The Future" by Fecko featuring Boogey, Peter Clarke and Pryse. Produced by Teck-Zilla and mastered by JEMI in Canada.

Lyrical Instituion Mixtape

Brought To You by Phenom Radio and Fleet DJ Supreme, Features The Holstar and Teck-Zilla

VIDEO: Asa - Bami Dele

VIDEO: Praiz - Rich and Famous

Thursday, 20 December 2012


The whosendu Mixtape vol.1 was officially released yesterday 12.12.12 at the Industry Nite which hosted the Goretti Company acts. Free printed cd’s were shared for free, but incase you missed out on the printed version that was shared. Download the mixtape HERE 

WHOSENDU Presents 'I Need The Naira' Featuring FECKO. Get it HERE!

Modenine and XYZ - Let It Go + Flow For The Streets

ModeNine + XYZ drops 2 crazy joints off their upcoming joint collabo.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New Music: Fecko - Chill and Relax

In time for the festive season, and fast rising African hiphop artist, FECKO, who recently got featured in the awards edition of Hiphop World magazine, is already basking in the euphoria of fun and celebration. This is quite evident in his new single ‘Chill and Relax’ which was produced by Senco.

On the new song, FECKO exudes great confidence, wit and versatility by singing and rapping. T-Soul (his backup vocalist) was a good addition to the singing aspect. With a compelling story, nice flow, catchy hook and groovy beat don’t be surprised if this song makes it to the clubs. Download HERE

Thursday, 29 November 2012

DJ Smooth Nigeria VideoMix Club Tour

Club Ntyce kicks off the DJ Smooth Nigeria VideoMix Club Tour.
Tour starts this friday, November 30. Hosts include Arthur Ngwube, Osi Suave, Ajebo Naija FM, Jimmy Beat FM and Ben Foster.

Tour will feature the likes of Eva, Efa, BurnaBoy, FECKO, Dammy Krane, Tilaman, Yemi Alade, Skales, Jaywon, Shank, Ghetto P, Jaywon, Ade-Piper, Elphlex, Dr Farabz, Chuddy K, W4, Ice Berg Slim, Tunde Ednut, Flowssick, Terry Tha Rapman and many more.

Tour is on from Nov 30th - Dec 28th, 2012.
Clubs: Club Ntyce, DV8, Q-Lounge (Uno), SS.Lounge, Club Amnezia


This mixtape by Nigeria's fast rising DJ Mewsic of Brilla 88.9Brilla FM features 'Raplogic' by Fecko and many other dope naija hiphop songs.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

VIDEO | IllBliss - Ruler

 illBLISS drops the "RULER" viral video, off his CLASSIC collaborative EP "Position Of Power" with producer XYZ. Enjoy!! OGA BOSS album out November 30th!!!

Music: Raiza Biza - Two Realms

Monday, 26 November 2012

Gold 95.5fm Interview

Incase you missed it, please you can now listen to my interview on Naijas Newest, Gold 95.5fm.

VIDEO | Big T - Bebenlo

It's finally here! Check out Big T's "Bebenlo" video, directed by Tosin Igho. I made a cameo appearance in the video by the way. Enjoy! Download to mobile device here.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

VIDEO | P Square - Alingo

P Square's back again with a brand new video like you've never seen before. Fun packed video with fantastic dance steps and highly entertaining.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dominant One - Unstoppable feat Kananji and LadyX

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fecko On Naija's Newest

Catch FECKO on Naija's Newest this Sunday, 11, November, 2012. The interview will be airing on Gold 95.5fm by 6:05pm. Stay tuned.

Cameo Appearance

Lately, I've been making a couple of cameo appearances here and there. From Big T's Bebenlo video shoot (which I learned will be dropping soon) to Shakar El's Behind video. And most recently is Slay's video for Life Thru My Eyes which was shot in the notorious hood of Shitta in Surulere.
Big T and Fecko  
Fecko and Slay

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Collaboration With KP2!

Still collaborating across borders! This time around I linked up with my fam, KP2, all the way from Amsterdam. 

For the recs, KP2 is a musical duo made up of Tha Kardinal (originally from Suriname) and Neto Palop a.k.a Papadog (Angola), and they're managed by TRX Productions.

We recorded a beautiful track called 'No Matter Where', which will be included on their forthcoming 'Just Push' EP, dropping on the 3rd of November, 2012.

The project also features a guest appearance from one of Africa's finest acts, Cabo Snoop.

Meanwhile, KP2's got a new video out for one of the hit singles on the album. Check out bellow.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

"What's Rap Without Logic?" - Callertune Now Available!!

Caller tune for my latest single 'Raplogic BANS remix' feat. Terry tha Rapman and Pherowshuz is now available.

AIRTEL - text BUY 0127424 to 791 
VISAFONE - text downset510143 to 777 
MTN - text 040143 to 4100
Kindly subscribe and please spread the word!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"We Chose The Wrongest Times To Be Patriotic" - Terry Tha Rapman

A while back Rick Ross was in Lagos for a concert. And he used the opportunity to shoot a video in the slums of the City of Hustlers. A lot of Nigerians weren't happy with the outcome, perhaps because they were of the opinion that it wasn't right for a foreigner to remind us about history and the poverty that's eaten deep into this country.

Oh well, I had a convo with my big bro, Terry tha Rapman, we talked extensively and touched on the topic. I decided to share it with our fans cos I believe we addressed some very important issues. Read on below.

Fecko: You've seen Rozay's 'hold me back-nigeria' video?

Tha Rapman: Saw it

Fecko: Stirring up controversies. In my opinion, I think it's reality. Maybe a little bit over exaggerated

Tha Rapman: I know, but its not like they added anything to the video na. That's how messed up our slums can be. The other was grimy so he was looking for that here too, no be where the nigeria guyz carry am him shoot? Who's to blame? Do you know how many people Rick Ross don inspire by shootin in their hood?

Fecko: Word. The only thing that was added were those guys that played 'niger delta militant/pirates'. And that was actually a regalia scene from a wedding ceremony.

Tha Rapman: Ok that's true sha, I feel it was the doing of those people who brought him. They musta wanted to show Ricky dat we sef sabi gangsta too

Fecko: Yeah, na true!

Tha Rapman: Oh well like I said hiphop has a way of exposing truths that society is scared of seeing. You no dey see some jamo videos wen dem show police with AKs and real live prostitutes?

Fecko: I dey see am oh. The truth is most Nigerians are scared of cluing in to the fact that the truth isn't meant to be sweet. Breeze don blow now...

Tha Rapman: But we like lies of chillin in luxurious clubs poppin champagne when most of us aint really ballin like that

Fecko: Yeah, that's why most of us aren't totally happy with rozay's approach to that vid

Tha Rapman: Yep

Fecko: Not me tho...I'm cool with it...I support the truth anyday, any time.

Tha Rapman: Talib Kweli no show guyz dey kpoli for shrine? Cele people dey pray for beach like some fetish religous shit? But this is our reality like it or not. When these people come here they're not looking for skyscrapers or posh buildings na. Is nigeria not really messed up? Aren't there more poor people than the rich?

Fecko: Hmm. When they come here, they're in search of the truth. The Rich folks are minority. From the int'l airport down to the island...reality slaps them in the face as they look out through their car window while cruising the streets of the Lagos.
The way I see it, more of these guys will or might follow Rozay's footsteps when they visit. Aint nothing new under the sun.

Tha Rapman: Hmm it's up to us to not give permission again na

Fecko: Right? The int'l community is watching. But when money is involved, permission isn't really that necessary.

Tha Rapman: But BBC have been showing stuff like that since

Fecko: Yes o. No be today BBC don dey cast Africa

Tha Rapman: Oh well

Fecko: Most Nigerians in diaspora seem to be the ones fighting the battle of re-branding the motherland by narating our history via films and literature. They're the ones that suffer the stigma more.

Tha Rapman: Rick showed just another side of Nigeria for Godsakes, the slums! Cuz he did same with the foreign one. Fecko I don tire talk about this sef, e no even mk sense. We chose the wrongest times to be patriotic jor

Fecko: Na so!

Tha Rapman: Yeah

Mixed Bag Mondays!!

Got featured on MIXED BAG MONDAYS alongside veteran S.A rapper, Zubz, and a host of other promising African artistes. It's the second time am poppin' up on 25toLyf's MBM, and that's a good look if you ask me! Check it out HERE.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Concert Radio Interview

Concert Radio OAP, Whyte Boi and Fecko
October 1st, 2012 marked Nigeria's independence day. While some were thankful for the fact that the green and white nation have come a long way despite the numerous challenges Nigerians are being faced with on a daily basis and some were of the opinion that there was nothing worth celebrating - Oh well, on that day, I was a guest at the launch of a brand new internet radio station in Lagos. 

Concert Radio stamped its presence in the world of internet radio broadcasting that same day, and I'm honored I was part of their grand opening. It was nice granting an interview to Concert Radio OAPs; Whyte Boi and a couple of other young radio presenters. Shout out to everyone that tuned in and called from various part of the globe. The movement is still moving!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Music | Flow Global (Boom Bap Remix) - Fecko ft. TALoNTED

Brand new 'boom bap' remix for Fecko's "Flow Global" track, produced by Teck-Zilla. It still features New Jersey-bred rapper, TALoNTED, but the beat's different this time. Please listen up, share and enjoy.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

RADIOPALAVA | Public service announcements from Modenine and Fecko

Modenine, Nigerian MC extraordinaire (I would say top 10 in the English-speaking world for his stinging punchlines and prodigious wordplays) recently appeared on camera to inform the world that “a lot of people are rapping, but people are not hiphop.” To which most listeners - and all of kpop - would respond, “Uh…yeah.” Rap is now an art form that anyone can use for any purpose, appropriated out of hiphop culture to enhance everything from standard pop music to radio advertisements to memorization devices in schools. Modey has always been a strong advocate for the consciousness and artistry of rap within hiphop, especially through the “Boys Are Not Smiling” network of MCs in northern Nigeria, and he insists on the integrity of his music to the exclusion of “commercial” music, whose meaning is secondary (or tertiary) to catchiness and marketability. My favorite line: “People will make noise that, ‘Modenine, you don’t have too many followers,’ yeah, that’s because I keep on blocking people who talk out of turn,” that is, people who are not coming correct when they talk about rap, hiphop, and Mode’s work.

Although he comes across as elitist, Modenine is making an important criticism of rap’s lack of rigor and therefore lack of artistry that applies across the board, whether in Naija, the US, or Korea. It’s expounded on in the song Raplogic by Fecko, another Nigerian MC who teams up here with Kaduna’s best, Pherowshuz and Terry tha Rapman (a confederate of Modenine and co-leader of BANS): “What’s rap without logic? The answer is in the trash can: rubbish.” For Fecko and the Boys Are Not Smiling crew, rap requires the construction of an argument about the world and a positioning within the world - otherwise it isn’t really rap, and it may not even be worth listening to.

The conflict between speaking truth (Build, Respect, Represent) as the imperative of hiphop culture on the one hand and pulling a profit with catchy commercial tunes on the other is one that I heard MCs describe and lament repeatedly during my research in Nigeria. The BANS movement takes a clear stance on the conflict, and because of the reputations of its leaders, it can provide a space for up-and-coming rappers to develop their skills without sacrificing artistic integrity to the commercial impulse. Indeed, Modenine and Fecko argue that rap separated from its cultural roots cannot be considered rap at all - they and others have described such music as “watered down,” “dumbed down,” and “diluted.” With this critique, Boys Are Not Smiling has issued a challenge to Nigerian musicians who rap without living hiphop’s imperative: prove your skill in “raplogic,” or get out.

Source: Radio Palava

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Heat: Fecko - Raplogic ft. Terry Tha Rapman & Pherowshuz

Here's a remix to my Underground Single Raplogic, which is also one of my Monickers,and I featured the BANS Generals Terry Tha Rapman And Pherowshuz On This One. The Track was produced by Teckzilla and Samples Reminisce. Check it out and download here.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Studio Grinding!

Hi y'all! Your home boy's been studio grinding lately! I have been recording new tracks for my album and several other projects. Recently hooked up with the homie Boogey on a song. Dude really impressed me after listening to his verses on M.I and ModeNine's mixtape. He dropped some dope 16's on one of my new track titled "The Future" produced by Teck-Zilla. The track will also feature other rising Nigerian rappers such as Phenom, Peter Clarke and Pryse of Chocolatecity. Also got some fresh beats from Thugchild and Tha KardinaL. Sick stuff!! By the way Dominant-1 from Malawi represented the Warm Heart of Africa on Raw African Poetry 2.0. In the meantime, I'll soon be working with my homegirl Eva Alordiah on a song. No days off! Pheww!!
In the studio with Boogey
 Phenom and Fecko

Monday, 2 July 2012

Listen to Fecko's Interview with AfroUrbanOn2fm, Malawi

Shout out to David Kapezi for sending in the recorded version of my interview with MBC's Afro Urban On 2Fm which aired on 30th of June, 2012. Residents outside Malawi that missed it can now listen to it via the Soundcloud player on my blog. Enjoy!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Fecko On Malawi Broadcasting Station's AfroUrban On 2fm

Please tune in to radio 2fm (92.2fm BT, 91.5fm LL) this Saturday (30-06-12) 9am-10am CAT to check out my exclusive interview with Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC) 's Afro Urban On 2fm.

If you love African music on that urban tip, tune in to 92.2fm in Blantyre, 91.5fm in Lilongwe, 91.3fm in Mzuzu

AfroUrban is a music show on MBC Radio 2fm (92.2fm) hosted by David Kapezi. Live on Air Saturdays (9am - 10am). featuring African music, news and interviews with local and African artists.

For residents outside Malawi, please there'll be a recorded version which am going to post on my blog later on. Stay tuned on this space for fresh updates.

A Crazy Nite at City 105.1 FM

city fm studios
I had mad fun at City 105.1Fm studios in Lagos last week Friday with K-Show, Big Ma and Ex-O. These guys are so hilarious. Lol. I'm really honored I was made a 'rap battle' judge during a freestyle contest which went down live on air on The Hiphop Ride show that same nite. A big shout out to all the Emcees that came through and of course everyone that tuned in. One!
on the mic
 Gochu, Ex-O and Fecko

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Exclusive Interview With Nigerian Rapper Illbliss

Recently I caught up with my homie and fellow Nigerian rapper, IllBliss on set during his "Anamachi Kwanu" video shoot which was directed by Clarence Peters. We had a chit-chat  afterward, and the end-result? A thought-provoking and an interesting interview. By the way I was inspired to do this after I'd stumbled on Tyler the Creator's interview with Nas on XXL a while back. Read on!

Most Nigerian hiphop fans would agree with me that 'Anamachi kwanu' is one of the latest rap anthems in town. What inspired the song? And what's the message behind it?

Anamachi kwanu is a serious record. Lately music has been sounding recycled and redundant, so I went back to the essence of illbliss which is Rebellious music. It's a chant in igbo dialect meaning "Do you really think I'm joking here?" I love the new generation of artists coming out but some of them lack a true calling to the art of music so I had to jolt the phoney

I support rebellious music. People are too cautious these days. Speaking of the new generation of artists, do you think most of them still respect those that were here before them?

Well I know they show me a lot of outward respect. However, I can't see their hearts but I truly believe the current structure of the business was built from sweat and sacrifices made by older artists. We came from the scratch with very little technology to
support the growth. Today it's different; the kids have a lot more resources. Credit must also be accorded to newer acts that hustle hard to keep dropping hits and raising the bar. No credit accorded to the percentage trying to jack existing formulaes

Indeed veteran rappers like you made sacrifices for the industry. I remember watching Thorobreds perform on Galaxy TV back in the day. Y'all made me believe that there was actually a hip hop movement in this country. Are y'all still cool? Will there be any group project in the future?

None for now. I'm in touch with my thoro fam though

Nice! So I was at your video shoot for Anamachi kwanu the other day. And I was like 'yo, when this video drops...Illy's gonna be nominated this year' to say the least...

You already know the politics bro.

Word! So when's the new video dropping?

First week of July

'Oga Boss' is the title of your forthcoming album? What should Dat Ibo Boy fans look forward to?

Oga boss is my sophomore LP. It's a rap album, period no gimmicks. Honest, daring, reflective, triumphant, aspirational, every track was molded to mirror one or more of these attributes. I have been an entrepreneur from day one so I have always made music on my own terms. I am my own oga, so Ogaboss is today’s illBliss.

Which artists and producers did you work with on the album?

I featured Naeto C, Timaya, Ice Prince, Suspect, Chidinma, Silvastone, Blak Twang, WizBoyy. On production I worked with Suspect, Phyno, Silvastone, Wizboyy and XYZ of Str8 Buttah.

I see Black Twang on your track list. Good to know you're also collaborating across borders.

Yeah, you know Black Twang right?

No doubt, homie's been holding it down in the UK.

That's right!

By the way I also noticed your style cuts across both the young and old. So when's your sophomore LP dropping?

I'm 34 fecko. May not be very old, but not a kid anymore. My album is not underground texture wise. It's rap. It's illbliss. 'Oga Boss' drops in a month!

You're on the right path bro, and I believe originality is key. It makes one stand the test time of time

Yes bro. You know I want to do this because a lot of people have little regards for you when you're not hot, they drift!

True that!

Till you look like a contender again. When I had 'aiye po gan' dudes were hanging onto me. So much groupie attitude. And I can see through it.

I can imagine.

And I know with my new tunes they gon start famzing

Yeah right (laughs). There are a lot of Famzinoes in the game right now. Would u say 'Aiye Pa Gan' was a commercial song?

Nah. Aiye po gan has a message and a philosophy behind it. The beat was commercial. I can't write dumb music

Whenever I hear an Illbliss verse, there's something different about the rhyming pattern. Is that your trademark rap style?

Well. Not really. I write how it comes to me so long as I don't fall off the beat. I just go in but the flow at best is staccatoish

So besides the rap grind, I know you run the Goretti Company. What's the company all about and what else do you do?

The goretti Company is involved in grooming fresh talent. And I also consult for Project Fame. I manage their winners.

Interesting. So how do you juggle both jobs? Being a rapper and an artiste manager?

I try. I understand the boundaries and somehow they don't clash. I make a lot of sacrifices as a talent manager to ensure my clients get full attention and sometimes it slows illbliss a bit but altogether I'm having fun doing both

I see! I would have asked 'Any final words to your fans?'. But that's kind of cliché

It's ok:(smiles), Clichés work sometimes. I love my fans. They stay loyal and mad supportive. I thank them for being dedicated through the years from dat iboboy to u go wound to aiyepo gan to now

Thanks for your time

You're welcome. Thanks bro. I totally endorse This Is Fecko, it's a fresh angle to blogging and e-mags. Your brand represents Originality, it's thought provoking, artistic and informative

Thanks boss (smiles)

You're welcome bro. Anytime

Monday, 25 June 2012

E.C.H.O - A Documentary on Nigerian Hiphop

Photographer, .X.I and I
I'm always excited whenever I see young folks like me taking bold steps in order to revive hip hop in Nigeria. One of such people's courage I admire is X.I. Dude is a Lagos-based photographer who has worked under the likes of T.Y Bello and Kelechi Amadi and he's currently working on a n e-book/documentary tagged "E.C.H.O". We recently had a photo shoot session and video recording where I'd shed some light on the state of hip hop in Nigeria. More pictures and updates coming soon. I endorse the movement!

Friday, 25 May 2012

World Domination Wax Lyrical Experience

Monday 21st of May, 2012 was Biggie's birthday and also the night Hip Hop came alive in the city of Lagos. Most people call me Terry tha Rapman's protege, and they aren't wrong. Joe Spazm was one of the few mainstream Nigerian rappers at the time who gave me the platform to showcase my skill. So it was only appropiate for me to support him at his World Domination mixtape launch which took place at Koko lounge.

After several hours of open mic freestyle battles, I came on stage to perform. I started off with an Afro-beat intro combined with a few conscious words from the late King of Afrobeat, Fela. Then I proceeded to perform my latest single with Tha Kardinal, To The Top and finally wrapped my performance with a snippet of an exclusive remix for "Flow Global". I got mad love from the audience and it was a dope night.

I also did a brief interview with Soundcity TV. I guess it'll be aired on the music channel later on. Stay tuned on this space for updates. Cheers!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Recorded Interview on The Hiphop Ride!

As promised, here's the recorded version of my interview on The Hiphop Ride (hosted by K-Show on Radio Continental). So if you missed it on air, here's a chance to listen to it. Enjoy!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Catch FECKO on 'The Hip Hop Ride' airing on Radio Continental 4.7.12

Happy Easter fam! A while back, I was interviewed on The Hiphop Ride (a rap show hosted by K-Show). It was crazy I tell you...homie tried to put me in the spot several times by asking me a couple of controversial questions. Lol. It'll be airing on Radio Continental 102.3FM this Saturday by 6PM (Nigerian Time). Please tune in's gonna be fun! You can also listen up online here.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Graffiti in Nigeria: A genre of artistic expression or advertisement?

One fateful Monday morning, I was sitting in a car on my way to the Mainland.

Bored and stuck in the world-famous horrible Lagos traffic, I couldn’t help but stare out of the window. Then I saw the inscription crudely scrawled on the wall ‘LIVE AND WORK IN CANADA…CALL SO AND SO NUMBER’ (all in caps and boldly written with a chalk).

Several questions kept running through my mind. I asked myself “are Nigerians now this desperate to leave the country? Is this ‘Advertising’ in every sense of the word or is this our own version of Graffiti? ”. For some reason, I did find it quite funny and interesting; hence I had to take a snap shot of the scene immediately, thanks to the camera app on my Samsung phone. I’ve had this phone for such a long time that, if it were human, it would have been Methuselah. (Laughs). But jokes apart, that picture actually inspired this article you’re reading now.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Graffiti may also express underlying social and political messages and a whole genre of artistic expression is based upon spray paint graffiti styles.’

In the mega city, Lagos, where I grew up and still reside, writing on walls with chalks and charcoals is now very common, and it seems to be our own little version of Graffiti. However, 90% of these drawings and writings have now become a cheaper means of advertising various brands, products and services on the streets. I believe the idea is to pass any message or information across to the public as quickly as possible. Take for instance the inscription on the wall in the picture above.

One thing I could pull from memory was that I’ve seen several other types of drawings on walls, especially when I once visited my home town in the Eastern part of Nigeria. Unlike the ones in Lagos, these inscriptions pointed commentaries on Nigerian life and exuded self-expression. With a keen eye, I looked deeper at the drawings and I could see the story of my people starring me right in the face. “Apparently, the Ministry of Tourism have been sleeping on a gold mine.” I said to myself.

Does the Graffiti art-form really exist in Nigeria? Well my answer is ‘Yes’ if you ask me. We may use chalks and charcoals instead of the spray paints, but it all boils down to artistic expression, isn’t it? This culture shouldn’t be only familiar with the hip-hop community. Of course, it’s an important element in Hip-Hop. And I acknowledge organisations like WAPI in association with the British Council that have managed to create awareness about the art-form across Africa.

On a final note, whether Graffiti in Nigeria is a genre of artistic expression or an advertising platform, one thing I know is that, the art-form has always been here and will continue to be for a very long time. We just have to embrace it more with open arms.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Blog and Radio Love!

Since my new track with Tha KardinaL was released online last month, it's been getting a lot of positive reviews. Thanks to all the blogs that posted the song. Also wanna thank all radio DJs that have play listed 'To The Top'. Actually Flava 87.7fm (Zambia) was the first radio station to bump the tune on African radio. 
A special shout out to Tha Jayman for always being supportive.
Check out the links to some of the quality music sites that posted the track. Enjoy!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Stand Up Against Breeding Child Soldiers In Africa!

Well it seems Ben Affleck and I belong to the same school of thought. Apparently, his 'KONY 2012' short film centred on Joseph Kony, the head of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a Ugandan guerrilla group that originated in 1987 in nothern Uganda, share a similar theme with a skit I did on the Raplogic EP titled 'The Rebel'.

Why should children be given guns instead of books? It's sad to know that there are still hundreds of thousands of child soldiers worldwide. It's about time we stand up firmly against breeding child soldiers especially in Africa. Listen to the skit below and check out some of the lines off the track that kinda relates to the topic.

Let's pretend I'm only ten years old/
but I gat experience in combat for 10years *whoah*/
it's almost impossible though/
but round here even kids are generals y'all!

Vote For Teck-Zilla In K'Naan's 'Nothing To Loose' Remix Contest!

Please support my homie Teck-Zilla in the K'naan - "Nothing To Lose" Remix Contest on Indaba Music.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

NEW MUSIC | Fecko Feat. Tha KardinaL - To The Top

Brand New track from Fecko and Tha KardinaL (Nigeria/The Netherlands) titled 'To The Top'. We both poured our hearts out on this heartfelt song, made up of a soulful beat, melodious chorus and insightful topic. DOWNLOAD HERE 

VIDEO | Terry Tha Rapman - Zombie

This is a viral video of Zombie off Terry Tha Rapman's World Domination mixtape. It was directed by Matthias Aragbada of Dudutoonz Studioz.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Monday, 12 March 2012

Updates & To-Do-List

Hi fam! These past few weeks have been quite busy for me. I've been recording, doing interviews and going from one radio station to the other to drop my promo CDs.

* I got word that 'Kosoun Tuntun' is now getting mad love on radio especially on Unilag 103.1FM and Radio Continental. Hopefully, I'll soon shoot a video for the song.

* I recorded a new track with Terry tha Rapman and Pherowshuz which is currently being mixed and mastered by Teck-Zilla in  Canada

* My new track with multi-talented artist/producer Tha KardinaL (The Netherlands) titled 'To The Top' is ready. Release date coming soon.

* Recorded a verse on Mr. Rae's new song 'Cynthia Rothrock' which also features Al Kan-I of Zone Fam.

* I'm also going to be interviewed on K-Show's radio show The HipHop Ride later in April.

* Planning to feature on two different TV shows...SNAP! and JUMP OFF!

The movement is still moving!!