Sunday, 29 September 2013

Soundcity Lyricist Lounge Cypher

eLDee's TRYBE RECORDS STUDIO in Lekki was the venue for the cypher. It almost took me forever before I could locate the place. I had to call Boogey on the phone and he gave me a more detailed description. Shout out to him though. I would have kept on going in circles. (Laughs).

On getting there, I bumped into some rookie rappers that seemed to have been following my music for long. I was humbled. When it was time to record I tagged along two of them named Olivia and E-eze. It was a dope session. It will be aired on Soundcity later. Watch this space for update.

No Time for Beef

I must be a vegetarian, because I have no time for beef these days. Last year, A-Q (my homie turned hater back then) took shots at me on one of his songs for no damn good reason. 

Apparently, Nigerian hiphop not only thrives online, but also on beef. So most hip hop heads were anticipating a response from me at the time, but like Modenine, I had to let it go.

It seemed as though the diss record wasn’t enough to piss me off, so dude kept pushing me to the wall, and then he dissed me again in an interview I stumbled upon on Nigeriansounds.

I am focused and as far as I am concerned that was just a DISTRACTION. I kept on doing my thing. Perhaps, although I sneaked in a sub to get back at him on “Cant Hold Us”, but that was just by the way.

Surprisingly, A-Q apologized to me publicly on Twitter a while back. It’s all good! Well I decided to blog about this so I can clear the air once and for all. So if you ever thought of me as being the villain, I hope y’all get the big picture now?

All I wanna do is make this showbiz money so I can buy my mama cars. No time for beef, the movement is still moving!

Cameo Snapshots

If you are a true BANS fan, then by now you must have seen my cameo appearance in the Fans Mi video. Check out some screen shots bellow.

Interview With Farmer's Quest Last Lady Standing

So I recently caught up with the Last Lady Standing in the Farmer’s Quest reality competition which took place in my school. Her name is Tolani, and she is a student of Agricultural Technology in Yabatech. I asked her few questions as touching the show. Read on bellow.

Hello Tolani

Okay, so the Farmer’s Quest is over. The stress is over. Life in the jungle is over. You are back to civilization. I bet you are enjoying now. So what was the experience like when you were in the jungle?
The experience was terrible. (laughs). Like big time terrible. We had to fight for food, as in, food without salt. We did not have our bath. It was crazy. Rain fell. We were under the rain, trying to fetch fire. It was really crazy.

So what made you participate in the contest?
Actually I didn'’t want to participate

I was like I can’t go for it. I knew it was going to be stressful for me. Someone purchased the form for me actually. The person encouraged me to go, and told me that I was strong.

So in other words, someone motivated you to go for it?

So how do you feel being the last lady standing?
It wasn'’t easy. I had many competitors such as Balikis and Tosin. Actually Balikis really discouraged me. It got to a point she was behaving so weird. Even when she got evicted, she told me I couldn'’t win.

Did you feel like punching her in the face?
It got to a point when I felt like that sha

And you think you would have beaten her?
She would have beaten me, but at least I would have tried my best.

So how do feel being the last lady standing?
It is okay, in terms of popularity. People walk up to me and are like ‘you are the last lady standing’.

I have known you to be the reserved type, but you startled me on the day of the last task. When you guys were asked to climb the rope, where did the strength come from? Have you been undergoing some form of military training prior to the competition?
Actually I am this type of athletic person. Before I came to Yabatech, my church took us to a sea school. That is where they do their training for Ultimate Search too. We went through all these kind of training there. Being flexible again helped me. I am the kind of person that does no’t eat much. So it was easy for me to climb the rope. And I like climbing things, naturally.

PS: Also feel free to check out an interview with the winner here.

Diary of a College Kid: Working Behind The Scene

Who said farmers can’t think outside the box? Innovation and creativity is power, First of all, it was an idea conceived by an A.A.T.S executive, and now this dream is gradually unfolding into a reality.

Farmer’s Quest is a unique project spearheaded, organized and planned by the Association of Agricultural Technology Students of Yabatech (2012/2013 tenure) in association with the lecturers and army cadet of the institution. Over 30 students of the department showed interest, and only 15 students made it through to the competition.

I am an adventure seeker like Indiana Jones. So it was a fun filled experience for me when I had to assist the production crew that filmed the Farmer's Quest reality competition. As part of the organizers and planning committee, I was not just a mere spectator wandering about in the forest, watching my fellow students search for the quintessential hoe. I also participated in the demonstration process so as to ensure that the obstacles and physical tasks being set by the army cadets were somewhat civilian friendly. So I inevitably ended up jumping tires, crossing over bamboo sticks and climbing trees with the aid of a rope. At some point I felt like Vin Diesel pulling dangerous stunts on set of XXX. "These guys that participate in Ultimate Search dey try o", I said to myself.
When it was time to shoot, I and my colleagues had to hide in the bush like Vietnamese soldiers laying ambush, so that we won't be captured on camera. I recall during a late night shoot, the social director who was also a member of my association stepped on a nail accidentally and it resulted to severe bleeding. Thank God we had a first-aid box. Unfortunately, the key to open the lock was kept somewhere else. So I was accompanied by an army cadet, and immediately we dashed off in search for it. Some minutes later, we arrived and made sure the victim was properly treated.
The burning torch at the place of the talking drum kept us warm. It was a cold night. The contestants were drenched in the rain before arriving at the location. I really admired their endurance. The anchor whom we referred to as Uncle Steve would give Chidi Mokeme a good run for his money. Honestly, he wore a very stern look on his face that succeeded in instilling fear in the mind of all the contestants. His diction could have been better though.

We are in the post production phase of the project and I am most likely going to handle the narration. Our vision is to premiere the final cut in various higher institutions across the country, ‘Farmer's Quest Season I’’ may not be a high budget production as most critiques would expect. We started small. A lot of improvisation was done. However, we did not compromise standards. It can only get bigger and better.

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VIDEO | Naycha - On Fire

Official Music Video of Naycha's #OnFire. the song that made it to #1 on the MotheoFM national and international top30 charts.

New Music Video Releases From Pryse, Boogey & Peter Clarke

I featured these guys on ‘The Future’ and from the get-go I knew they are all very promising. Check out their new music videos.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

PHOTOS: Diary of a College Kid: Oldskool Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jacqueline a dull girl, right? In most Nigerian higher institutions, there is one social activity majority of students look forward to, and that is the ‘Oldskool Day’. Recently, my fellow students and I decided to showcase our whimsical dress sense, which was quite hilarious. The pictures below speak volumes of what went down. 

Diary of a College Kid: Farm Practice

The ‘farm’ definitely crosses our mind when we talk about Agriculture. And as a student of Agricultural Technology schooling in Yabatech, the farm is to me what a barrack is to a soldier. For us, it is cutlasses over guns, driving tractors instead of armored vehicles, broadcasting seeds rather than grenades and what not.  Although farmers and soldiers share something in common, and that is ‘discipline’.

Initially, I wasn’t a fan of waking up as early as 6am on Monday and Wednesday mornings for Farm Practice. “Not again, I don’t want to get all sweaty, covered with dirt” - that used to be the most common phrase in my soliloquies. I likened my supervisors to prison warders. They struck me as slave drivers holding imaginary whips. I felt like a Negro working on a plantation.

Well, today my perception about working on the farm has changed. I now see it as a privilege to feed my nation. However, it is still a tedious yet noble profession. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. Agriculture is the mother of nutrition and good health. It is the pinnacle of most agro-allied and non agro-allied occupations existing today. Without establishing certain trees and plants, medicinal herbs, cotton and timber cannot be produced. Pharmaceutical industries benefit from Agriculture. Entrepreneurs, Civil Engineers, Textile and Furniture Industries also acknowledge that the importance of Agriculture to mankind cannot be over emphasized.  .

The former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, whom was once a cadet in my school, own one of the biggest farms in the country. While most of his colleagues are busy chasing oil money, he dared to be different by investing in one sector that have been underrated over the years.  As an aspiring entrepreneur in that field (i.e. Agriculture), OBJ is my role model.  I wish I would have worked at his farm during my SIWES programme later this year. I am yearning to discover the secret behind his success story. Anyway, since no man has monopoly of knowledge, I believe I will still learn a lot from the poultry and catfish farm in Lekki where I have been placed.
What a man can do, a woman can do better” - that is probably one of a lady’s favorite pickup lines whenever she is having a heated debate or conversation with the opposite sex. During farm practice, female students somewhat shun that line. Rather, you will hear them saying stuff like “Please who will be my farm boyfriend?” (laughs). Apart from seed bed preparation, bush clearing and transplanting, ladies perform lighter tasks such as feeding livestock, cleaning the piggery, rabbitry and goat pen, while male students engage in more strenuous jobs such as cutting bamboo trees, construction of farm structures et al. Once upon a time, all the aforementioned were alien to me, now it is like a culture. It took me a while to adapt.  By the way, some of you might be wondering how I manage to juggle school with music. That is a story for another day.