Sunday, 3 July 2011

“Being A Celebrity Is Good, But Being An Artiste Is Better”

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is arguably one of the biggest in Sub-Saharan Africa, considering the large number of talents emerging almost every day from this side of the continent. And it’s really growing at a very fast pace too. However, to be candid, I think a lot of artistes these days now pay more primacy to the glamour and glitz, and have less interest for the art. Well I belong to the school of thought that believes every artiste has the freedom to make art. After all the root word in "Artiste" is "ART". The fact that you shoot a video worth millions of naira or you’re signed to a major record label, and have a manager that handles your bookings/promotions doesn’t entirely make you a professional artiste. The bottom line is; creativity and good packaging should go hand in hand.  Just a thought!

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