Monday, 9 July 2012

Studio Grinding!

Hi y'all! Your home boy's been studio grinding lately! I have been recording new tracks for my album and several other projects. Recently hooked up with the homie Boogey on a song. Dude really impressed me after listening to his verses on M.I and ModeNine's mixtape. He dropped some dope 16's on one of my new track titled "The Future" produced by Teck-Zilla. The track will also feature other rising Nigerian rappers such as Phenom, Peter Clarke and Pryse of Chocolatecity. Also got some fresh beats from Thugchild and Tha KardinaL. Sick stuff!! By the way Dominant-1 from Malawi represented the Warm Heart of Africa on Raw African Poetry 2.0. In the meantime, I'll soon be working with my homegirl Eva Alordiah on a song. No days off! Pheww!!
In the studio with Boogey
 Phenom and Fecko

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