Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Teck-Zilla - Chicken & Chips/ Crackers & Cranberry Juice EP

Montreal, May 30, 2013- Montreal based Nigerian producer, Teck-Zilla is at it again as he drops his latest instrumental tape titled "Chicken & Chips/ Crackers & Cranberry Juice EP".
The EP is far removed from what he is known for as he ventures into the dubstep/electronic/trap/Hip Hop region. The project is essentially a collection of ideas and concepts that brewed over time as he immersed himself in the electronic scene in Montreal.
"I've always been of the school of thought that one should endeavour to push your limits whenever you can. I learn everyday by trying out new things and building with people who come from different musical backgrounds. This work I feel is definitive in that it not only shows you another side of my musical tastes but also hints at where my production skills might venture to."

The EP contains 5 solid tracks, hard hitting, grim and off kilter and pretty much unique to say the least.

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