Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Why the Phobia for Lecturers?

Is it just me or are most students in Nigerian higher institutions somewhat scared of their lecturers? In the U.K for example (where I would have been studying if not for certain circumstances), it is difficult to differentiate a student from an academic staff due to the way they relate with one another. What do you expect when these folks pay over 3,000 pounds per session? Over there, it seem as though the lecturers work for the students. Same can be said of some private universities in Nigeria. 

Our case study is Yabatech, Epe campus. In my school it is a taboo for some lecturers to get to the class before the students. More so, only a couple of them entertain questions during lectures. The other day I could not help but laugh out loud when I saw a female student with a baby bump trying to outrun a lecturer. Thank God the pregnant lady did not miss the class after all. 

I decided to conduct a public poll as touching the topic and I asked my fellow students who their favourite lecturers were. Only two students answered me boldly while the rest chickened out. Hey, I would have done the same if I were in their shoes. Well, check out some of the responses bellow.

"I like the way Olayemi lectures. He has a nice smile too. I feel if you know what to do, you can get in his good books and stay there. Because of him, i held my first rabbit. Adebayo likes to think optimistically, he has a nice dress sense and he encourages everyone. He is like a father to me and i like the fact that he finishes his lectures on time. Both of them are almost alike." - Uchechukwu Okwara.

"I like Mr Balogun, because he's straight forward and transparent. Rosulu and Doctor Akinfemi also make my list" - Balikis Akodu.

"I'll tell you after my final exam, I don't want to come back for farm practice. YCT Epe campus is an advanced secondary school and the teachers and not lecturers this time use invisible cane on us." - Anonymous

"I don't have any favourite lecturer...I don't know why" - Tolani Banire

Seriously I miss my former Citizenship Education lecturer. He is the only academic staff I know in Yabatech that chops knuckle. Confam guy! Lol. As far as I am concerned, fear is a prison and the moment we stop perceiving our lecturers as deities or Greek gods, the closer we will get to them, and the more we would learn from these knowledgeable people. Just a thought!

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