Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An Article I Inspired

Well, I was tagged in this article centred around the United States of Africa, which I believe I inspired. Read on below. Source: around the A

"To be a good writer, you must be a good reader too. That’s why today I am visiting other entertainment sites and blogs to also read their articles and see how they put down their ideas. The week has been amazing, This whole week, I purposely decided to focus on our sisters doing the motherland proud through their awesome music . I am an artist too and I know how hard it is for a female musician out there. The industry is really competitive, its even more challenging for a lady. The expectations supersedes the output ability of most of them. After running a full week articles on female musicians from Africa, I realized the response was so great. I will do it again soon. Let’s keep appreciating the efforts of our sisters. Rome, as history has it, was not built in one day. Step by step we will achieve the desired unity to catapult our continent to worldwide recognition. I was going through this site ‘Have Plenty Music’ and i came across an article by one of the best mc’s from Nigeria, Fecko, who actually inspired the title to this piece. Head on, I realized we shared the same mind state with Fecko, that of a united Africa. He has been on the forefront of uniting African artists for a while now. It made me feel good knowing that their is a great soul out there who shares in my passion and vision. Let me break it down for y’all. If you are an artist, genre not withstanding, there will come a time when you’ll need to expand your fan base, beyond the borders of your home country. I believe music good music that is, knows no boundary. I have a first hand experience on that since, as part of the Kenyan group Dr3am Ville, our music has been playing in foreign lands as far as Dhaka, Sydney, Texas, e.t.c. That just goes to explain my earlier statement. So here is the catch, if you are an artist, upcoming or established, you need to be very serious when it comes to interacting and connecting with your fellow artist. Collaborations is just one of the tools available to unite Africa musically, utilize it. Do I need to stress on the power of unity? I’ll pass, but my 2 cents will come in handy when you realize that your brand needs to explore new territories. Start building that foundation right now. Networking is a very powerful tool in our arsenal. This has been simplified by the availability of social media. While other people use Facebook and twitter as a stress reliever or time wasting space, you can cultivate the audience to your benefit. Create useful contact with like minded persons and enhance your opportunities. I know a few wonderful people whose hearts bleed for a united Africa. I wish there was just an increase in number of like minded individuals like King Lo (@LochNation), the Goddess
herself, Michelle (@iAmSoph_Mich) of Infinity Magazine, Miss Abby (@MzzAbby) from Tanzania as well as Cecile (@swtlovex) from Nigeria. Ladies are actually at the forefront of uniting Africa. Can the men match up to this? Well Fecko is leading the race, lets follow suite. I am looking forward to a United States of Africa, where Amarulla will be the official drink at every state function I want to live to see it come to fruition, for now it may just be a dream. God bless

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