Sunday, 29 September 2013

No Time for Beef

I must be a vegetarian, because I have no time for beef these days. Last year, A-Q (my homie turned hater back then) took shots at me on one of his songs for no damn good reason. 

Apparently, Nigerian hiphop not only thrives online, but also on beef. So most hip hop heads were anticipating a response from me at the time, but like Modenine, I had to let it go.

It seemed as though the diss record wasn’t enough to piss me off, so dude kept pushing me to the wall, and then he dissed me again in an interview I stumbled upon on Nigeriansounds.

I am focused and as far as I am concerned that was just a DISTRACTION. I kept on doing my thing. Perhaps, although I sneaked in a sub to get back at him on “Cant Hold Us”, but that was just by the way.

Surprisingly, A-Q apologized to me publicly on Twitter a while back. It’s all good! Well I decided to blog about this so I can clear the air once and for all. So if you ever thought of me as being the villain, I hope y’all get the big picture now?

All I wanna do is make this showbiz money so I can buy my mama cars. No time for beef, the movement is still moving!

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