Sunday, 29 September 2013

Interview With Farmer's Quest Last Lady Standing

So I recently caught up with the Last Lady Standing in the Farmer’s Quest reality competition which took place in my school. Her name is Tolani, and she is a student of Agricultural Technology in Yabatech. I asked her few questions as touching the show. Read on bellow.

Hello Tolani

Okay, so the Farmer’s Quest is over. The stress is over. Life in the jungle is over. You are back to civilization. I bet you are enjoying now. So what was the experience like when you were in the jungle?
The experience was terrible. (laughs). Like big time terrible. We had to fight for food, as in, food without salt. We did not have our bath. It was crazy. Rain fell. We were under the rain, trying to fetch fire. It was really crazy.

So what made you participate in the contest?
Actually I didn'’t want to participate

I was like I can’t go for it. I knew it was going to be stressful for me. Someone purchased the form for me actually. The person encouraged me to go, and told me that I was strong.

So in other words, someone motivated you to go for it?

So how do you feel being the last lady standing?
It wasn'’t easy. I had many competitors such as Balikis and Tosin. Actually Balikis really discouraged me. It got to a point she was behaving so weird. Even when she got evicted, she told me I couldn'’t win.

Did you feel like punching her in the face?
It got to a point when I felt like that sha

And you think you would have beaten her?
She would have beaten me, but at least I would have tried my best.

So how do feel being the last lady standing?
It is okay, in terms of popularity. People walk up to me and are like ‘you are the last lady standing’.

I have known you to be the reserved type, but you startled me on the day of the last task. When you guys were asked to climb the rope, where did the strength come from? Have you been undergoing some form of military training prior to the competition?
Actually I am this type of athletic person. Before I came to Yabatech, my church took us to a sea school. That is where they do their training for Ultimate Search too. We went through all these kind of training there. Being flexible again helped me. I am the kind of person that does no’t eat much. So it was easy for me to climb the rope. And I like climbing things, naturally.

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