Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Experience at Tha Zone

It is inspiring when I see someone putting his money where his mouth is. Especially when it involves something you are very passionate about. D'Ark and G-Flavour remind me of South Africa's Kriya and Zola - hosts of Hiphop TV Show SHIZ NIZ! This duo are game changers in the making. Tha Zone is a show/event they organized to awaken people's consciousness about the Hip Hop culture in Nigeria. I thought I was on the set of Shiz Niz during my performance. 

On March 29th, 2014, I thrilled the audience at Tha Zone, and I must say that it's one of the most organized events I have attended this year. Such an uber-energetic crowd, and my homie Teck-Zilla was on the wheels of steel. I performed a medley of three songs, of which two of them were produced by the in-house DJ at the event. Wish I saw more honeys amongst the audience. The Zone can only grow bigger. The likes of Maximum of 4th Replubic, Luni and other upcoming rappers did their thing too. The Apollo Hotel in Lagos really witnessed hiphop that night. The highlight for me that day would be when a fam gave me a custom-made Tee shortly after I left the venue of the event. I appreciate those who appreciate me. Shout out to Lloyd Viva Eta for the souvenir.

Check out some of the pics below taken at the event. Also keep a look out for the video of my performance here much later, which was shot by JSP of MVM(Music, Videos and More). Salute!

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