Monday, 9 June 2014

FASHION | Fecko Reps for ECHO Clothing

"Fecko! What is it that you can't do?' I recall someone once asked me that question. I guess the person noticed that I love multitasking. God is my inspiration. My life revolves around music, writing, graphic design, multimedia, blogging, acting, agriculture and most recently, modelling. Yes, modelling! (Even without the six packs). Last month I modeled for ECHO clothing owned by my friend Lai aka Mister X.I. The experience was fun. Stylists and fashion designers out there looking for a model, holla at your boy!

We had a photo shoot somewhere on the streets of Lagos. One particular attribute that differentiate Lagosians from the rest of the world, would be the fact that we love feeding our eyes alot. I am guilty of this too. Brawls, bus conductors and passengers arguing over 10 naira change, mentally deranged individuals dancing azonto to no music in traffic and every other form of awkward public display or spectacle excite most people residing in the Centre of Excellence. Lagosians sabi look! (Laughs). Well, we had their attention while the outdoor photo shoot was in progress, but for some reason I wasn't shy. Wait a minute, am I a shy person? Perhaps. However, the more neck deep I get into an activity, the bolder I become.

It was nice meeting a fellow rapper turned model just like myself. Gamie is into Gospel hiphop and has worked with the likes of Rooftop MCs and Simi. By the way, some of the female models on set were gorgeous. I didn't interact much with them though. Well, except for one chic that was pretty and down to earth whom I did admire. We laughed alot when we were supposed to pose for a couple-like shot. Could that be love? (Laughs). At this point, I think I should hush and allow y'all check out the pics below. Enjoy! 

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