Wednesday, 18 June 2014

STUDIO GRINDING | Dope Unit Volume Two

Y'all remember Dope Unit mixtape volume one? Yeah, I did an impromptu freestyle skit for the compilation because I was notified late about getting a spot on the project. Well, no more improvisation - I have been working in the studio with the Underground Music NG team for a couple of weeks now.

Recorded two hiphop tracks for a sequel to the compilation album (Dope Unit Volume Two). One is an uptempo tune (Something like Meek Mill's 'I'ma Boss'), and I brought my homie Tha Rapman on board. The song called 'Apprentice 2.0' also feature various talented artistes such as Tupengo, Toni Code, K-Zed.

If you've listened to Lupe Fiasco's 'Old School Love' then you should know what to expect on the second track. Toni Code and I teamed up on a soulful hiphop beat and eventually made an inspirational song. Surprisingly I sang on the hook. Utilizing my baritone voice alot these days. One of the tracks I featured on (Apprentice 2.0) will be released online soon, accompanied by a viral music video. Watch this space.

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