Friday, 3 April 2015

EDITORIAL | Whatever Happened To Jimmy's Jump Off

So the other day on Twitter, I saw someone's tweet that read "Nigerian Hip-Hop today is boring" , to which somebody else replied that it was as a result of inability to host consistent cyphers, rap battles or an all-hip-hop concert. And then, an argument ensued. Another mentioned that DJ Jimmy Jatt 's
Jimmy's Jump Off used to play a huge role in the hip-hop scene, and then it struck me, what happened to Jimmy's Jump Off??
If you'd been an ardent fan of Nigerian Hip-Hop for long, you'd agree that the weekly televising of Jimmy's Jump Off used to be the ish. Hip-hop heads fuxed with it big time. Rappers would pray and hope for a session on the mouth-watering 'Lick The Mic ' episode. And if you did get through, it was the ultimate platform to flux your rap talent and gather hip-hop fans nationwide.
The Lick The Mic session was a category on the show that featured the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt himself on the 'Ones and Twos ', spinning classic hip-hop beats for guest artiste(s) to go in and drop dope freestyles. It could be lengthy, it could be short; it could be one beat, or it could be a beat mix. Whichever it was, it never ceased to be intriguing.
Jimmy's Jump Off served as a platform for artistes (male or female), both A-List and on-the-come-up, to come through and thrill their fans with hard-knocking hip-hop verses, stunning lyrical prowess and quick witted thinking in freestyles that'd make you crave for more. It used to be it fam.
Remember the Dagrin session? Prolly one of the greatest memories left behind by the one-time hip-hop mogul. I remember how peeps would rap along with it word for word, as lengthy as it was. I bet I could still try. LOL. I doubt.
Lots of emcees where priviledged to have graced the session on one or two occasions. As an emcee back then, if you didn't have a session yet, all missions as a hip-hop artiste in the industry were yet to be accomplished. And those that had theirs already, would go ahead and brag about how they had the roof brought down during their session. I remember the likes of T.R (formerly Terry tha Rapman) and another controversial Nigerian rapper chipping it somewhere in their lyrics about how they had two sessions as a result of their individual brilliance.
Years gone by now, and sadly today, we can't ascertain its status. Has it come to halt? Did it run down as a result of challenges? Or did Uncle Jimmy get bored of it all? These are the questions lingering in the mouths of its fans today.
Now, we have our rappers praying and hoping for a session on the 'Tim Westwood TV ', as that is the new cool. When in reality, Jimmy's Jump Off used to be idolized back then. How pathetic.
That said, 'nuf respect has to be given to the legendary DJ Jimmy Jatt for single-handedly driving the project for years without delivering mediocre standard. One of the many reasons why we'll forever be indebted to him for his immense and effortless contributions to the growth of hip-hop in Nigeria.
Well now, what we have is an annual concert of the prestigous Jimmy's Jump Off, with numerous artistes from all genres of music enlisted. It now serves as a cliche annual entertainment concert like every other. In addition to this feat, he's gone ahead to release an album 'The Industry Vol. I ', a brilliant project that saw him continue with his support for Nigerian artistes.
But one has to reiterate the importance of the weekly TV edition. In an era when hip-hoppers had enough on their plate to enjoy and go about discussing, Jimmy's Jump Off used to be it. It served as a huge source of hype and buzz for Nigerian hip-hop.
Hopefully, we are yet to see the last of the wonderful TV series. Who knows? Maybe its even being reviewed at present for a
better and greater comeback. We never know. Just maybe.
Article by @Reemtos

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