Saturday, 4 April 2015

What Grabbed My Attention in GMB's Open Letter to Nigerians

General Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed in an open letter titled: 'My Covenant' what Nigerians should expect from him during his tenure.

Well this section in 'his covenant' grabbed my attention because it concerns me as a young citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who participated in the Presidential election by casting my vote for the right candidate; and also considering the fact I attended a federal polytechnic where I studied Agricultural Technology which totally correlates with the excerpt below.

I hope at the end of the new President-elect's 100 days in office these objectives would have been achieved. Honestly we are tired of listening to Tales by Moonlight.

By the way I saw nothing related to the entertainment industry. Anyway with or without help from the Federal Government naija showbiz has always managed to thrive.

"I pledge to:
•Pursue a policy of non-discrimination between the universities and the polytechnics.
•Make agriculture a major focus of the government and lay the institutional foundation to attract large-scale investments and capital to the sector.
•Actively promote a well-coordinated and innovatively funded
Youth in Commercial Agribusiness Programme.
•Establish agricultural produce storage, pricing and marketing systems to ensure real commercial value and minimize waste.
•Work with State Governments to launch Agricultural Support
Programmes that will drive agricultural land development and mechanization.
•Revamp, revitalize and improve on the national agricultural extension and rural support service system.
•Lay the groundwork for a standardized market uptake and aggregation outlets for specific agricultural produce.
•Revamp the key development banks (Bank of Agriculture, Bank of Industry and Nigeria Import & Export Bank) to fund inclusive agricultural value chain operations" - Buhari

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