Friday, 10 February 2012

Exclusive Interview With Sarah Ofili

You probably have heard the name Sarah Ofili, and you probably have asked Who is this Sarah Ofili girl? 

I've had the pleasure of meeting Sarah a while back in Lagos, and she's very down-to-earth I must say. Here's a brief interview with her. This is an exclusive for the second edition of my e-zine, but I just thought I'd share it with y'all...

First of all, lets get the basic introduction out of the way, what is your full background and Nationality, what has growing up been like for you and any other thing you don’t mind sharing with us. 
I am Hungarian and Nigerian, 4th child of five, 3rd girl. I grew up in Warri, Delta State. Schooled in Warri, Benue, Jos, France and England. Errr.... nothing much, growing up has been an adventure, a lot of lessons learnt. lol

Describe Sarah Ofili in 3 words
Fun, Compassionate and Very Ambitious. 

Tell us more about the Sarah Katona brand
Katona is my shoe brand, I started in 2008. I took some time out to grow as a designer and as a person, mentally and emotionally. I needed some space to prepare for the challenges ahead and understand the business side of it. Also I went back to school, I took a short course at London Fashion College on Footwear and Accessories Branding. I have come a long way, it's been 3yrs now, and I can say I am in a better place and fully prepared and stable to put in my 100% in it. I am not in a rush at all, they say "anything worth doing is worth doing well"... right? Finally, We looking at 2011 to launch.  

Which other designer brand(s) do you see as competition, and why?
There are a lot of good brands out there, if I start looking at them as competitors then I am always going to see myself competing, comparing and striving with them. I can only do me, I will do my best and express my creativity my way and not what I should do to beat another brand. It's a big world, a big market, there is room for everyone.

Fashion & Style: Do you think that industry is really big in Nigeria and what do you think could be done to expand the frontiers of urban fashion in Africa?
Honestly speaking, I really don't like talking about the Nigerian Fashion Industry because I am not involved in it nor have experienced it. But, from what I can see and hear from fellow designers, stylists, models etc that have gone to Nigeria to join the fast rising fashion community, I think there needs to be a better knowledge of the global fashion industry, knowledge is key! 

Can we say that Sarah Ofili is just a fashionista, or is there more to you that meet the eyes?
I don't even consider myself a "fashionista" but hey if you say so! lol. Of course there is more to me, I am a very smart, creative, ambitious and spiritual young woman... not to blow my own horn *wink lol. People especially guys get surprised when they meet me, because they expect me to be some young dumb blonde, and I am so far from that. I've been told I have an old soul, I guess it all comes from my upbringing and that I am very proud of. 

 Internationally, who are your major influences?
For me it is more about "what" than "who" I get influenced by many things, places, feelings, dreams, different things! 

Which designer(s) would you really love to meet?
Well, there are a lot of designers I would love to meet. Last Christmas I was very fortunate to meet Angelo Galasso and his lovely wife at their flagship store opening at knightsbridge, even though his known for his men's wear designs and James Bond's Sir Roger Moore's favorite designer I was so inspired and motivated by his work. I'll never forget that night, he was so nice and friendly and supportive.

What’s your favorite genre of music locally and internationally? And what’s your take on the Nigerian music industry?
I love music a lot ! I think the only genre I can't listen to is Grunge Rock, just coz I suffer from migraines and that will totally blow my brains out... kidding! I love music generally am not picky. As for my take on Nigerian music, I leave that for my boyfriend as that is his field. 

What’s your favorite hang out spot in the world?
Home ! it is the one place I can let my hair down and be free. All the good foods, drinks and music I can have at home. Even better when I have my family and friends over. 

Any project(s) or documentary in the making?
Oh a lot ! I can't go into all of them right now, but what I will tell you is this, keep your eye out for Sarah Ofili and Katona. 

Any last words to all your fans out there?
keep up with Sarah Ofili on twitter, facebook, and my beauty blog Cheers !

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