Monday, 6 February 2012

"Speak and Then People Will Listen..."

They say if you make good music, your audience will find you – well that’s true, but it doesn’t mean after recording a song in the studio you should go back home, sit on your couch and wait for that to happen overnight. What if it takes forever before you find that audience that really appreciates your style of music?

Let’s digress a bit. For instance, imagine you’ve been stranded on an island for days and suddenly you sight a ship from a distance. What would you do? Some people will choose to scream their lungs out; some will decide to make a fire by burning down trees and leaves. Bottom line is - in that situation, you just have to draw the attention of the sailor by any means necessary if you don’t want to get stuck on that island for a very long time, if not forever.

Same thing goes for showbiz, music and arts. I can tell you with absolute certainty that nobody gives a damn about how much potential you have until you do the right thing and also draw their attention. By drawing their attention, I mean making people hear you or see what kind of stuff you’re made of as an artist, writer, musician or whatever the case may be.

For musicians who wish to get heard or increase their fan base; you can start locally by sharing your song with the average person on the street (e.g. the barber in your neighborhood), before you even start thinking of giving out physical copies of your CDs to On-Air Personalities, record label owners, radio DJs etc.

Gone are those days when artistes needed the whole paradigm of a record company and PR agents before getting heard. These days the internet and that ‘go-hard’ spirit is enough for an indie artist to be heard all over the world. Let me simply put it this way; ‘speak and then people will listen.’

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