Friday, 5 July 2013

Are Aliens Really Out There?

One of my childhood ambitions was to become an astronaut someday. Astronomy has always been one of my favorite topics. So things like; aliens, space ships, asteroids, stars and other celestial bodies fascinate me. Ironically, I am not a huge fan of 'Star Trek'. Although, I love other space themed movies such as; Battle Star Galactica and After Earth.

I stumbled upon a documentary last month titled 'Sirius'. It was narrated and put together by Dr. Steven Greer (CSETI & Disclosure Project) and it kind of sheds more light on evidences that prove aliens really exist. At first I was skeptical, but later while watching it; I was flabbergasted when I saw a real life specimen of what appeared to be an alien. This tiny creature had 10 ribs and a DNA in its brain that was almost human-like. Of course, scientists carried out a lot of research on it.
Also, I saw several footages of Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky. Another interesting thing I noticed is that there was a group of people that attempted communicating with aliens via meditation. And it seemed as though these UFO's were actually listening and picking up signals and vibrations from the thoughts buried deep down in their subconscious. It was incredible.

When I was a kid, I loved gazing at the stars (I still do, once in a while). There was a time I saw a comet or a shooting star floating in the sky at night. I was overwhelmed when I did. (Laughs). So as far as the galaxy is concerned, there could be more that meet the eyes. Are aliens really out there? Well, only time will tell, or maybe not. Fingers crossed. I do not anticipate an aggressive alien invasion though (as it is being portrayed in most sci-fi Hollywood films). Who knows? It could just be a friendly visit

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